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Certification of Products Exported to Saudi Arabia


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle Eats. As Saudi Arabia’s largest trading partner, China possesses strong competitive advantage in the Saudi market regarding exports. The main commodities exported from China to Saudi Arabia include electrical equipment and parts, mechanical equipment and parts, ships, furniture, steel, etc. CQC has maintained a good cooperative relationship with Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) since 2008 and registered as its notified body in 2017.

In April 2016, the "Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia" (Vision 2030, hereinafter referred to as "Vision 2030") and the "National Transformation Plan" came into being under the initiative of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, hoping to vigorously develop Non-oil industry, thereby reducing the country’s dependence on crude oil-related income. In the context of "Vision 2030", the Saudi Product Safety Program (SALEEM) gradually being implemented in Saudi Arabia aims to improve product quality, build consumer confidence and create a suitable environment for Saudi trade development. SALEEM program covers more than 40 product categories such as building materials, chemical products, mechanical products, auto parts and electric vehicles. According to the product risk level, different conformity assessment modes specified in the ISO 17067 standard are adopted:

l Low risk:Free trade (Supplier Declaration of Conformity)

l Medium risk:Type 1a or Type 3

l High risk:Type 5

In order to cooperate with the smooth implementation of SALEEM program, SASO launched SABER, an electronic registration platform for Certificate of Conformity (CoC). Starting from January 1, 2021, all products intending to enter the Saudi market must be registered through SABER platform, and applied for Product CoC and Shipment CoC by the importers located in Saudi Arabia through SABER platform, otherwise customs clearance will not be allowed.

First Stage: Product Certificate of Conformity (Product CoC)

The validity period is (1) year.

Second Stage: Shipment Certificate of Conformity (Shipment CoC)

Within the validity period of Product CoC, for each batch of goods, the importers need to upload necessary information and materials through SABER platform to obtain Shipment CoC.

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