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Principles for Recognizing CB Test Certificates
1.  We recognize CB certificates issued to IEC standards that are within the scope of CQC accepted for the CB Scheme.
2.  The issuing NCB and CBTL should be accepted for relevant standards by the IECEE, as published on the IECEE website.
3.   We recognize CB certificates based on TMP and WMT for granting CCC/CQC marks. According to CCC regulation, currently SMT based CB certificates cannot be recognized for granting CCC marks. For CQC Mark certification, SMT based CB certificates may be recognized on a case by case basis upon approval of CQC top management.
4.   The TMP/WMT laboratories should be properly registered at the IECEE for relevant IEC standards.
5.   The CB certificate is accepted only when the relevant test report is attached. And the test report should use harmonized TRF as published on the IECEE website.
6.   A specimen of the product is required when recognizing the CB certificate and we maintain the right to conduct necessary verification tests and additional tests.
7.   The CB certificate and CB test report may be challenged if they are more than 3 years old.
8.   The product model (type), specifications, manufacturer and factory on the CB certificate and CB test report must be the same as those applying for CCC. Otherwise the CB certificate cannot be recognized.
9.   The applicant on the CB certificate should be the same as the applicant applying for CCC. When it is different, the CCC applicant should provide a power of attorney of the CB certificate holder, which at least includes declaration of authorization, responsibilities of both sides, etc.
10.  The CB certificate should be based on an edition of the IEC Standard not older than the edition on which Chinese national standard (GB standard) is based.  
11. Testing standards of the CB certificate should be able to cover the technical requirements of corresponding Chinese national standards. If there is any deviation from GB standards and relevant tests not covered in CB test reports, additional tests will be conducted.
12.  We do not recognized CB certificates and CB test reports which show “R.O.C".
13.  According to the CMC decision, one CB certificate should not bear more than one brand name.
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