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Lighting Appliances

Conformity assessment for lighting products covers CCC, CQC, energy saving, performance, environmental protection, green, international certification (including CB, CE, UKCA, PSE, SASO, Energy Star (U.S. EPA), IECEx), EPEC product quality evaluation, etc. The products include luminaires, light sources, lamp controlgear, lighting appliance accessories, etc. Also, we can provide customized and diversified quality and technical services for customers.


  • Qualifications-Lighting

International Qualifications

The National Certification Body (NCB) in China of Certification Body Scheme of the IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE)

Partner and Project Undertaker in China of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), World Bank (WB), Energy Foundation (EF), and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

Authorized Body in China of Japan PSE Certification

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star Certification Body

  • Domestic Qualifications

Certification Body Approved by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P.R.C, Designated Certification Body of China Compulsory Certification, National Green Product Certification Body, and One of the First Batch of Certification Bodies for National Green Building Materials Product Certification

Certification Body for Products Marked with “Conservation” Recognized by National Development and Reform Commission

Technical Service Center for Export Commodities Recognized by Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.C

“Top-Runner” Advanced Product Certification Body and “Top-Runner” Advanced Technology Base Acceptance Body Recognized by National Energy Administration

Certification Body Recognized by “Green Lights Program” of Chinese Government

  • Technical Organizations

CNCA China Compulsory Certification Technical Expert Group _ Lighting Appliances Team (TC05) Leader

Member of National Standardization Technical Committee of Lighting Appliances

Chair of National Semiconductor Lighting Technology Evaluation Alliance

China Green Product Mark and Certification _ Lighting Appliances Green Project Team Leader

  • Service Scope - Lighting

CCC Certification:

Luminaires (1001): Fixed general purpose luminaires, portable general purpose luminaires, recessed luminaires, aquarium luminaires, mains socket-outlet mounted nightlights, ground recessed luminaires, portable luminaires for children.



Ballasts (1002): Ballasts for fluorescent lamps, ballasts for discharge lamps (excluding fluorescent lamps), A.C. supplied electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps, electronic ballasts for high-intensity discharge lamps, D.C. or A.C. supplied electronic controlgear for LED modules.



  • CQC Safety Certification:

Luminaires for road and street lighting, floodlights, explosion-proof luminaires, hand-held and portable LED luminaires with lithium-ion charging cells or batteries, plant growth lighting products, intelligent equipment of lighting control, electrical supply track systems for luminaires, light chains and rope lights, fixed/portable/recessed luminaires with rated voltage less than or equal to 36V, self-ballasted LED lamps, double-capped LED tubes, lamp holders for luminaires, miscellaneous electronic circuits used with luminaires, blue light hazards of lighting products, etc.



  • Energy Conservation/Performance Certification:

Hygienic requirements certification of study luminaires for myopia prevention and control in children and adolescents, high-quality lighting environment certification for classrooms, performance certification of luminaires used in classroom, stroboscopic performance certification of lighting products, performance certification of desk lamps for paper task, luminous maintenance life certification of LED luminaires, supply switching performance certification of LED luminaires, safety and performance certification of ultraviolet disinfection luminaires, and anti-corrosion performance certification of lighting products, performance certification of electric and electronic capacitors and performance certification of LED module for general lighting;


l Energy conservation certification of LED luminaires, such as LED luminaires for road and tunnel lighting, LED downlights, light sources and control devices.

Green Building Materials Certification:

LED lighting products

Environmental Protection Certification:

Pianos, national stringed musical instruments, contents of mercury in fluorescent lamps

International Certification:

CB, CE, UKCA, PSE, SASO, Energy Star (U.S. EPA), IECEx

  • Technical Services:

As the designated service body for the quality evaluation of lighting products on the EPEC e-commerce platform, CQC assists EPEC in formulating/revising a number of quality evaluation standards for lighting products and carrying out quality evaluation work.

In cooperation with JD.com, JD.com fully adopts the results of CQC certification and promotes high-quality lighting products that have passed CQC certification on JD.com platform.

We also provide customers with one-to-one customized services.

  • Acceptance of Certification Results

★ China Compulsory Certification (CCC) certificate issued by CQC is the admission condition for products to enter the Chinese market.

★ CB test certificate issued by CQC has achieved mutual recognition with 69 national certification bodies in 53 countries and regions in the Certification Body Scheme of the IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE)

★ The energy conservation certificate issued by CQC is a necessary condition for being included in China's Government Procurement List of Energy Conservation Products.

★ It also serves as an important condition for accessing to policy support such as the Project of Energy Conservation Products Benefiting the People and financial subsidies for efficient lighting.

★ It is an important basis for the bidding of the government, enterprises and public institutions. CQC has cooperated with the Ministry of Finance to issue 22 government procurement lists of energy conservation products, including 28 four-level catalogues and 62 kinds of products, covering more than 1,000 enterprises and more than 400,000 product models/series. It has effectively improved the product energy efficiency and promoted the use of energy conservation products, playing an important role in energy conservation, emission reduction and response to climate change.

★ It is an important reference for consumers to choose and purchase products.

Consumers can obtain product quality information by identifying the certification mark applied to the products.

Alibaba reads CCC certification information through Yunqiao, and implements full-process precise control of products in the CCC certification catalogue on its platform, so as to ensure that the products in the CCC certification catalogue are valid certified ones. By doing so, effective and accurate quality control and management on online products are truly achieved, enabling consumers to feel safer and more assured to purchase online.

Through the acceptance of the CQC certification results, JD.com has set up the Zhi-Di-You-Sheng Platform to recommend high-quality and low-cost products.

★CQC also provides technical evaluation design for professional procurement.

CQC assists EPEC in establishing a product standard system for quality evaluation of industrial products, promoting the establishment of national technical standard innovation base, and advancing the transformation of EPEC Standard to group standard.


The Finalist Index System of Centralized Procurement Catalogue of Building Materials in Xiong’an New Area (LED Lighting Products) accepts the CCC and energy conservation certification certificates of LED lighting products issued by CQC.

  • CQC Lighting Cloud Testing Platform

In order to save the certification cost of lighting enterprises, shorten the certification cycle, improve the certification efficiency, enhance customer service experience and avoid the delay of testing caused by force majeure, CQC has built the first cloud testing platform for lighting products in China, where online testing can be conducted through enterprises’ own laboratory and IoT technology.

Through this cloud testing platform, an enterprise can use their own testing equipment to complete the tests of designated items, and the third-party testing body issue test reports. CQC will send test tasks to the third-party testing body and enterprise’s laboratory of the remote testing platform. During the test process, the enterprise’s laboratory will fill in the sample information, and the third-party testing body will remotely set the test parameters and control the measuring instruments. After each test, the test data will be automatically uploaded to the platform. After all samples undergo all types of tests, the complete data of this test will be gained. The whole test is completed under video monitoring. After the test, the real-time video is automatically converted to playback video and stored permanently. The cloud testing platform adopts CA electronic certificate to encrypt the whole process of the test to ensure the security of data transmission.

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