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Supply Chain Improvement

Supply Chain Improvement

Chain Promotion plan

The "Supply Chain Promotion Program for Quality and Safety in Automotive Industry," aims to improve the level of product design and production quality management among suppliers. It promotes collaboration between the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, enhances supply chain safety, and reduces overall industry costs. The program is designed to assist domestic suppliers in entering high-level automotive supply chains and improve the overall quality and safety standards of the automotive industry.

Operation Entity

CQC BaiLian (Nanjing) Technology Co., Ltd. (CQC BaiLian) is a joint venture between China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and China Electric Vehicle 100 People Association. It serves as the legal entity responsible for implementing the "Tilian Plan."


  • The focus is on the quality and safety of cross-domain innovative component products.

  •  Conduct joint research on vehicle-level design standards and testing certification methods for cross-domain components.

  •  Assist cross-domain component companies in improving production and manufacturing requirements and quality management for vehicle-level standards.

  • Promote the establishment of a voluntary certification system for cross-domain innovative components.

  •  Establish a shared platform for cross-domain component testing and certification.

Service Item

  •  High-quality charging action

The "High-Quality Charging Initiative" cooperation platform is jointly led by the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Association and the China Electricity Enterprise Association, with the participation of mainstream automobile manufacturers, leading operators, equipment suppliers, and other enterprises. The platform aims to guide the industry towards high-quality development by implementing tiered standards. It plans to build a high-quality and high-safe charging service network and enhance users' experience with high-quality charging services. The platform aims to contribute to the achievement of high safety and high-quality development in China's charging industry.

  • Standardization of charging facilities

? The platform aims to organize relevant enterprises, institutions, and resources to conduct research and standardization work on charging station services and charging equipment. Currently, the platform is studying tiered standards for equipment.

? With a focus on charging station services and the tiered standards for charging equipment, the platform aims to promote industry adoption and usage, as well as advance standardization efforts for other related components such as charging guns, charging cables, vehicle cables, connectors, and more.

? Its goal is to guide the industry towards high-quality development by addressing pain points in the charging industry, establishing tiered evaluation standards for charging facilities, and promoting the industry's transition towards high-quality and high-safe practices.

  • Evaluation and certification of charging services and facilities

? The initial phase of this initiative will primarily focus on the evaluation and certification of charging station services for new energy vehicles. It will be conducted based on the jointly developed standard "Specifications for Grading Evaluation of Electric Vehicle Charging Station Facilities and Services" by the center and leading enterprises.

? In April 2023, the "Star Shine Stations" project was launched at the annual conference of the China Electric Vehicle One Hundred People's Association. The project aims to carry out evaluation and certification work for "Star-rated Stations" nationwide.



  •  Vehicle semiconductor cooperation platform

The "Automotive Semiconductor Collaboration Platform" is jointly initiated by the China Electric Vehicle One Hundred People's Association and CQC, in collaboration with leading domestic enterprises. The platform aims to assist domestic automotive semiconductor products in meeting the requirements of vehicle-level standards and entering the supply chains of domestic and international mainstream automotive companies. Its mission is to address the shortcomings in our country's supply chain.

  • Auto chip standardization

? The collaboration involves core institutions and enterprises to unify the technical roadmap for automotive chip products.

? It includes joint research to establish a unified definition of the functionalities of automotive chip products.

? It aims to determine and standardize the pin configurations, dimensions, and other performance specifications of automotive chips.

  • Automotive chip evaluation and certification

? In the initial phase, this business will primarily focus on several key automotive chip domains that are considered breakthrough areas in the industry. It will collaborate with leading enterprises to jointly research and develop evaluation and certification systems for these chip categories.

? By leveraging the testing and verification resources from both the chip industry and the automotive industry, the platform will provide services to the industry and enterprises based on jointly developed evaluation standards that meet automotive-grade requirements.


  • Supply chain guidance

To enhance the quality and safety levels in key areas of the domestic supply chain, the "Supply Chain Promotion Program" has launched a high-level supply chain guidance project aimed at cultivating world-class suppliers and strengthening the weaknesses in China's critical supply chains.

  • High-level supply chain enterprise training

  • Rich docking and exchange activities

  • "One-to-one" enterprise diagnosis, guidance and and the introduction of supply chain management in frontline automotive companies.

  • Teaching stafffcome from the domestic and foreign mainstream car enterprises, leading enterprises and industry senior experts

  • Assisting enterprises in quickly adapting to automotive regulations and learning the requirements of high-end automotive companies.

  • Assisting enterprises in reaching world-class supplier standards as quickly as possible and entering the supply chains of high-end automotive companies both domestically and internationally.


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