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Food Safety

On the basis of certification and audit, CQC provides “1+N” technical services as well as whole-process quality and food safety solutions according to customer needs, including all kinds of standards/policies and regulations/technical training, risk assessment, management diagnosis, standard system building, ESG-related technical services and other services, so as to provide an integrated solution for importing enterprises in China to meet Chinese regulations and standards.

I. Whole-process Certification Service for Food Chain

  • China’s Organic Product Certification/Organic JAS Certification

  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Dairy Factories

  • Food Safety Management System (FSMS) Certification (ISO 22000)

  • Food Safety System Certification (FSSC)

  • BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard Certification

  • GLOBAL Good Agricultural Practices (GGAP) Certification

  • China Good Agricultural Practice (CGAP) Certification

  • Rainforest Alliance Sustainability Certification

  • CQC Product Certification: Non-GMO identity preservation (IP) certification; selenium-rich product certification; certification for products with nutritional properties; animal welfare certification, etc.

  • CQC High-quality Agricultural Food Brand Certification Program

  • Food Contact Materials Safety Certification

II. Technical Services

  • Publicity, training and technical services of China’s import and export policies, regulations and standards

  • Overseas exporter and producer audit for importers and purchasers; pre-inspection

  • Establishment of HACCP system in China

  • Food label audit

  • Building of traceability system for imported, exported and key products

  • Quality and safety assessment of suppliers; quality and safety assessment of OEM factories; quality and food safety risk assessment and diagnosis; flight inspection and special quality and safety inspection

  • Food safety-related public opinion and risk analysis and early warning services

  • Building of whole industrial chain quality improvement management system

  • ESG-related technical services for agricultural products and food enterprises

  • Customized services related to quality and food safety according to the needs of enterprises

  • Training on quality and food safety standards and system building

  • Specialized training on food safety (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP); pest management; food fraud prevention and mitigation; allergen management; food protection management; food safety culture; laboratory management; recall; etc.)

  • Supplier management training

  • Various quality tools and training on carbon peaking and carbon neutrality

  • Other customized training related to quality and food safety

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