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CQC North Laboratory (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.

As the third-party professional and core testing service base set up by CQC in Northeast China, CQC North Laboratory (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. was registered and established in October 2005,which is located in No.99 A-27 & A-30, Chuangxin First Road, Hunnan District, Shenyang.





The company's range of services and capabilities covers testing, related training, consulting, assessment and certification services for electronic apparatus, household and similar electrical appliances, luminaires electrical appliances, electromagnetic compatibility, save energy, electric and electronic products for boat, railway product, indoor and outdoor daylighting and lighting, off board charging facilities for electric vehicles, mechanical products, new energy, etc.

1. Electronic Apparatus

Testing services encompass:

① Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus

② Information technology equipment

③ Other relevant tests

2. Household and Similar Electrical Appliances

Testing services encompass:

Household and similar electrical appliances and other related tests

3. Luminaires Electrical Appliances

Testing services encompass:

① Luminaires

② Lamp control gear

③ Light hazard to light sources and luminaires

④ Other relevant tests

4. Electromagnetic Compatibility

Testing services encompass:

① Information technology equipment

② Electrical lighting and similar equipment

③ Electronics instrument equipments

④ Automobile electron

⑤ Railway system

⑥ Industrial robots

⑦ Multimedia devices

⑧ Automotive electronic components

⑨ Other relevant tests

5. Save Energy

Testing services encompass:

① Single voltage exte ADDC and AC-AC power supplies

② Copy machines

③ Induction cooker

④ Automatic electric rice cookers

⑤ Microwave ovens

⑥ Computers

6. Electric and Electronic Products for Boat

Testing services encompass:

① Marine electrical equipment

② Electric and electronic products for boat

7. Railway Product

Testing services encompass:

ELD floor lamps for passenger sleeping cars and other related tests

8. Indoor and Outdoor Daylighting and Lighting

Testing services encompass:

① Indoor and outdoor daylighting

② Indoor and outdoor lighting

③ Daylighting and artificial lighting for middle and elementary schools

④ Lighting for ordinary classrooms in primary and secondary schools

9. Off Board Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles

Testing services encompass:

Electric vehicle charging spots and other related tests

10. Mechanical Products

Testing services encompass:

① Electronic, electrical, and related equipment

② Electrical equipment and system of industrial robots

③ Industrial robots

④ Other relevant tests

11. New Energy

Testing services encompass:

① Wind farm(Active power of wind farm, Inertia response and primary frequency regulation of wind farms, Reactive capacity of wind farm and other related tests)

② Wind turbine(Voltage fault ride through capability, High voltage ride through, low voltage ride through, Voltage deviation adaptability and other related tests)

③ Photovoltaic power station(Active power, Reactive capacity, Low voltage ride through, Operational adaptability and other related tests)


CQC North Laboratory (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.

Tel.: 024-25279212

Email: niexin@cqcnl.cn

Mailing address: No.99 A-27 & A-30, Chuangxin First Road, Hunnan District, Shenyang

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