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CCIC West Testing Company Limited

Motorcycle and Engine Test Capacity

Vehicle detection group consist of Test Room for 75 kW. 30 kW Motorcycle Chassis-dynamometer and Exhaust Emission Systems,Test room for Evaporative pollutants from Motorcycle and Moped,Preparation of specimen and Test of catalytic converter Laboratory,Test room for vehicle compositive performance , vehicle lights detection darkroom ,3kW to 160 kW full series of general gasoline engine and engine emissions level analysis and performance Test Room , close half free field Noise Laboratory (semi-anechoic chamber), 160kW Motorcycle Chassis-dynamometer, series of durable chassis and automatic driving equipment and other key laboratories and testing equipment.

Mainly for motorcycles and mopeds "Announcement Management" ,"3C" compulsory product certification, environmental information disclosure and so on detection works, can undertake various domestic commission ,European certification, American certification, Brazilian certification such as import and export international certification testing, will also be able to complete motorcycle, motorcycle engine, general machinery, catalytic converter, ATV and UTV motorcycles and other products All kinds of testing and analysis and evaluation work.

Core Services

◆ The announcement of motorcycle product testing, "3C" compulsory certification, environmental information disclosure detection

◆ Motorcycles and engines energy-saving certification, CQC logo certification and other kinds of voluntary certification testing;

◆ The non-road mobile machinery with a small spark ignition engine emissions information public test and performance test;

◆ The import and export international certification testing and all kinds of entrusted testing and analysis evaluation of motorcycle, motorcycle engine, general gasoline engine, electric motor and other products, such as European certification, Brazilian certification

◆ Integrated business testing service for motorcycles and units export certification

◆ Technical Services for certification, testing and declaration of imported motorcycles

◆ Evaluation and testing of motorcycle reliability, durability, commercial property and other motorcycles

◆ The development and calibration of emission and dynamic characteristics of motorcycle and engine products

Core Competence

◆ With a complete system and the world's advanced motorcycle and engine testing equipment, emission and engine laboratory with constant temperature and humidity control system control, can provide customers with rigorous methods and accurate data testing services.

◆ Provide comprehensive evaluation and detection of motorcycle road reliability and durability under various road characteristics for enterprises, and provide motorcycle evaluation work such as commercial property evaluation, dynamic performance evaluation, vibration comfort evaluation and assembly quality evaluation for enterprises, and provide a set of perfect motorcycle evaluation services for enterprises.

◆ The experienced technical personnel can provide customers with motorcycle domestic and foreign regulations and standards, testing methods, matching calibration and other aspects of technical consultation and training services.

◆ Meet various requirements of customer for vehicle durability assessment with advanced vehicle automatic driving equipment that can be edited according to customer’s requirements of vehicle durability running curve.

◆ Simulate the comprehensive performance test of the motorcycle with self-developed 60KW engine dynamic performance simulation measuring system,

◆ Standardize the sound power level testing and certification test of general small gasoline engines with domestic advanced test equipment and test methods

◆ Have all kinds of domestic and foreign emission regulations to meet the matching of calibration ability, have a solid professional technology, experienced team of experts, have a good communication and cooperation with industry mainstream manufacturers such as electronic fuel injection system, braking system. According to customers’ demand, match appropriate standards of test samples, including:Motorcycle products emission standards (domestic commission ,European certification, Brazilian certification Iranian certification);Engine matching calibration (bench calibration and verification of electric injection engine), bench calibration and matching verification of general gasoline engine.



Xi'an test ground

  The Xi'an test ground, which was jointly built by CCIC West and Chang'an University, covers an area of more than 450 mu. It has a high speed ring track, a 1.1km straight line test road, five kinds of reliability strengthening typical test roads, a control and stability test square of 13000m2, and the main action of motorcycles and mopeds and new energy electric vehicles dynamic performance test.

  The test ground has various performance test roads and typical pavement, the typical reliability test pavement mainly includes Belgian Road, twisted road, fish scale pit road, washboard road, steep slope road and cobblestone road. It can complete the road reliability test of motorcycle safety, environmental protection, power, stability and reliability.

  The two kinds of ABS special low adhesion coefficient pavement PBC are 0.1, 0.4, and the other pavement PBC are 0.9, can carry on the motorcycle ABS brake certification and ABS product matching development; the noise test pavement meets the ISO10844 standard requirement, can carry on the vehicle noise detection authentication; has 30%, 20% two kinds of slope climbing section, can carry on the car The dynamic performance test of the car climbing.

Core Services

◆ The key equipment mainly includes GPS vehicle road test instrument (VBOX), LSY-3/LSY-4 strip road test, PK50/PK100 hand and foot dynamometer, fuel consumption meter, B&K 2240 sound level meter /B&K 2250, B&K 3050, B&K more than 3053 channel noise vibration analyzer, and high precision motor vehicle steering wheel dynamometer.

◆It can complete the brake performance of motorcycles and mopeds, new energy electric vehicles, acceleration noise test, dynamic performance, horn installation performance, etc., and can complete the reliability and durability test of motorcycles and mopeds and new energy electric vehicles.

Core Competence

◆ In accordance with GB 20073-2018, GB 16169-2005, GB/T 5378-2008, (EU) No 168/2013, (EU) No 134/2014,GB 15742-2019, GB 7258-2017, the motorcycle "vehicle bulletin management", "3C" mandatory authentication, authentication.

◆ It is able to provide excellent testing service for customers, government and society by ABS testing and matching verification test, control stability test, noise emission test, dynamic performance test and vehicle export certification test.



New energy electric vehicle Test Capacity

New energy vehicle test rooms consist of the room for electric motorcycle, electric bicycle machine safety,motor and regulator,battery and charger,DC/DC converter etc. With water splash test road, walk-in temperature and humidity chamber,Malaysian standard rain test equipment,30kW comprehensive performance test bed for driving system,5.5kW motor test bed,Vibration of electric bicycle frame/front fork assembly,Fall heavy,Drop impact test bad,Test equipment for vertical pipe strength,Chroma 17020 battery test system,Chroma 8000 series charger automatic test system and flameproof type temperature-humidity test chamber etc.

The test capacity involves the test of electric motorcycle“Announcement Management”,“3C”compulsory product certification,e-mark,Malaysian standard etc. The test products cover electric motorcycles,electric mopeds,Low speed electric quadricycle,electric bicycles,drive motor and controller,small-power motor,lithium-ions battery,lead-acid battery and charger etc.

Core Services

◆ The laboratory has the capability of testing the electric motorcycle,electric moped,electric bicycle,EV and E-driven system,traction battery system,charging system,DC/DC converter with standard regulation and the capability of developing,researching,testing and inspecting the products.

◆ Electric vehicle e-mark and Malaysia certification test capability.

◆The capability of testing and verifying the dynamic performance,security property the environmental adaptability of the electric vehicle.

◆ The capability of testing and verifying the electrical property and the life cycle of the traction cell,module,pack.

◆ The capability of testing and verifying the performance,security of the charging system.

◆ The capability of testing and verifying the performance,security of the DC/DC converter,and the capability of developing,researching,testing and inspecting the products.

Core Competence

◆The capability of testing and evaluating the electric vehicle and E-driven system for Enterprises and consumers,the products cover electric motorcycles,electric mopeds,Low speed electric quadricycle and electric bicycles.

◆Power performance matching and research capability of vehicle and electric drive system.

◆Quick evaluation ability of E-driven ,electric control and traction battery



Motor Vehicle Parts Test Capability

Vehicle parts test rooms can test the performance of lamps and retro-reflector, rear-viewmirror, lock, horn, brake hose and fule tank etc, with lamps photoelectric performance testsystem, photo-electricity analysis system, spectrum radiator, optical transmissivity and diffusion test instruments, digital display measuring projector, adhesion tester, liquid sand blasting machine, resistance to atmospheric media tester,rain test chamber, thermostatic water bath, three-comprehensive test bench, fuel tank test equipment, rear-view mirror, lock durability test bed, acoustic vibration analysis system, motorcycle helmet tester, automotive interior parts combustion tester. Vehicle parts test rooms undertakes MIIT tests, CCC tests, export certification test, supervision & random checking tests and commissioned development tests from enterprises, with international advanced testing techniques.

Gore Services

◆ All performance tests and development tests for external lighting and light-signaling devices for motor vehicles.

◆ Vehicle rear-view mirror,fuel tank, brake hose, horn, helmet performance and other performance testing.

◆ Automotive interior flame retardant testing and evaluation.

Core Competence

◆ World-class automotive exterior lighting and optical signal test equipment

◆ Devotes itself to providing the industry research, policy research, infirmation service, standards establishment and international communication serviec.



Military Product Test Capability

CCIC West Military Products Testing Division is a new division of our company set up in 2022 to serve military enterprises, mainly involved in electromagnetic compatibility and environmental and reliability testing of military products.It can conduct electromagnetic compatibility and vibration, shock, high and low temperature, damp and heat tests in accordance with the military standard GJB 151B/GJB 150A, etc.

The division can also provide EMC, environmental and reliability testing services for electronic appliances, automotive electronics, LED lighting, railway products, medical equipment and other products.

Test Categories

◆Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing

Military equipment, industrial equipment, scientific equipment, medical equipment, household appliances, power tools, multimedia products, automotive parts, lighting equipment, railway electronic equipment

◆Environmental and reliability testing

High and low temperature, temperature shock, vibration, shock, damp heat, salt spray, etc.

EMC Laboratory

The EMC laboratory is equipped with a standard 3m semi-echoic chamber and a 5m semi-echoic chamber from Albatross, Germany, a shielding room and complete sets of EMC test equipment from R&S, Germany and EM-TEST, Switzerland.

Testing Capability

◆EMC testing of military products

◆EMC testing of vehicles and components

◆EMC testing of new energy vehicles in charging and non-charging conditions

◆EMC testing of electrical and electronic products for industry, science, medical, power and energy, railway transportation, etc.

Technical Services

The EMC standards have covered the domestic and international vehicle regulations and civil and military EMC testing standards, and can provide comprehensive technical services such as EMC testing, analysis, rectification and verification for enterprises.



Electronic and Electrical Test Capability

There are professional testing laboratories in the testing business development department, such as electric security performance laboratory, mechanical strength laboratory, water and dust proof functions laboratory, optics and electronics laboratory, temperature,humidity and vibration comprehensive laboratory, etc.

Equipped with leakage current tester, high-precision electric parameters testing device, power analyzer and other imported precision instruments.

It has high and low temperature humidity and impact test chambers, 400 °C high temperature test chamber, ventilation aging test chamber, electrically heated drying test chamber, walk-in temperature and humidity in climatic test chambers, waterproof test equipment, Triple comprehensive (temperature, humidity, vibration) test equipment, Electric vibration test chamber and other reliability test device on combined environmental.

It can complete the safety structure of electrical products, leakage current, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, temperature rise, high heat and fire Resistant and other safety testing items in many fields such as lighting appliances, rail transportation equipment, motor vehicles and electronic electrical components, automotive electronics, as well as High-Low Temperature-Humidity and Triple comprehensive tests (temperature, humidity, vibration), salt spray , dust, Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (IP20-IP68), vibration and shock and other reliability test device on combined environmental.

It is equipped with AC/DC system tester, power quality analyzer, AC/DC load and other equipment, which can be able to the testing items of charging station.

Testing ability

Testing of reliability and electrical safety

Performance test of optics and electronics

Testing of electrical and electronic equipment and rail or road vehicles

Testing of charging stations

Testing of rail transit

Technical service

Safety and environment reliability

The outstanding and comprehensive testing ability of optics and electronics

The only LED laboratory in the Northwest area which designated for China Compulsory Certification



Authorization Certificate and Qualification

Authorization and approval of the relevant government departments and administrative office as following:

◆Accredited laboratory by China national Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment

◆Qualification testing institution for Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P.R.C  

◆ China National Motorcycle Testing Center

◆Accredited laboratory by Defense Science and Technology Industry Laboratory Accreditation Commission

◆ Designated Testing Institution for Vehicle “Announcement Management”of MIIT    

◆“3C” compulsory product Certification Designated Laboratory of CNCA

◆ Motorcycle and General Purpose Engine Emission Information Disclosure and Authorization Laboratory of MEE

◆Import and Export Commodity Inspection and Appraisal Institutions of the General Administration of Customs

◆ Xi'an Laboratory for Quality Control and Technical Evaluation of Industrial (Motorcycle) Products of MIIT

◆Identification of Second-class Military Security Qualification for Scientific Research and Production Units of Weapons and Equipment

◆National Military Standard GJB 9001C-2017 Quality Management System Certification

◆ Subcontracted Laboratory of China Quality Certification Center

◆ Contracted Laboratory of China Certification Center Ltd. for Automotive Products

◆ Contracted Laboratory of Certification Center of Light Industry Council

◆In 2019, Recognized as "National High-tech Enterprise"

◆In 2021,Recognized as "Gazelle Enterprise of Shaanxi Province"

◆In 2023,Recognized as "Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Shaanxi Province"


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