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About CQC

China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) is a quality service body approved by the Chinese government, with the certification body approval number 001. Recognized by multiple foreign governments and international authoritative organizations, it has made China’s voice heard, contributed China’s solutions and enhanced international mutual trust in the global arena.

After 40 years of development, CQC has grown into a large-scale, industry-leading quality service body in China with full range of services, extensive service network and strong technological prowess, and become a globally renowned certification brand with high credibility and reputation.

As a nationally recognized quality service body, CQC has always been committed to actively responding to government initiatives and policy guidance through high-tech and professional services such as certification, testing, and standard development. It assists clients in enhancing product and service quality, offering technical support to national ministries and commissions and local governments, and contributing to national economic growth. The certification results have become a crucial reference for implementing policies related to national quality enhancement, industry upgrading, and sector management, further fostering market integrity and harmonious social development while promoting high-quality development. CQC is a member of major international certification bodies and serves as the National Certification Body (NCB) joining the IECEE on behalf of China. Its professional certification team boasts multiple individuals who hold management positions within international certification bodies or possess international certification qualifications. CQC has issued numerous significant and historical certificates, including the first China Compulsory Certification certificate, the first conformity certificate for electrical products certification, and the first domestic CB certificate. It has led or participated in over 100 national and provincial projects and tasks, contributing to the drafting and release of more than 360 national standards.

As a national and capital-level role model in ethical and cultural progress, as well as a national high-tech enterprise, CQC has consistently maintained a close focus on quality enhancement, evolving consumer trends, enterprise quality requirements, and improvements in people’s livelihood. Closely following policy shifts and market demands at home and abroad, CQC has explored and utilized emerging technologies, offering clients efficient, quality "one-stop"services and internationally recognized "localized"certification services. The testing and certification results are adopted by governments, accepted by buyers and recognized by society.

CQC has actively expanded its cutting-edge business (fields), including carbon peak and carbon neutrality, new infrastructure, intelligent manufacturing, green production, Internet of Vehicles, elderly care services, public emergencies, and ecological value, constantly creating new advantages.

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