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About the Industry & Products

Explosion-proof electrical products refer to equipment utilized in explosive hazardous environments to prevent explosions. They are mainly applied into sectors such as petrochemicals, natural gas, coal mines, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and military industry.

In China, explosion-proof electrical equipment is categorized into Class I, Class II, and Class III based on the nature of explosive atmospheres. Class I is designed for coal mine methane atmospheres, Class II for explosive gas atmospheres except for coal mine methane, and Class III for combustible dust atmospheres except for coal mines.

Explosion-proof electrical products encompass a wide range of uses, including explosion-proof motors, distribution equipment, switches, controls and protection devices, communication devices, instruments, lighting fixtures, and accessories.


Our Services

  • IECEx Certification

IECEx equipment certification involves testing on explosion-proof products based on the IEC international standards, audit and continuous supervision of production facilities for explosion-proof equipment, and issuance of IECEx CoC certificates and/or explosion-proof test reports (ExTR), and factory quality assurance reports (QAR). IECEx certificates and reports issued by CQC are recognized by more than 30 countries in the IECEx system, helping enterprises to meet the access requirements of each country and enter the global market. Meanwhile, CQC can provide one-stop services of “IECEx + CCC/CQC certification” including CCC certification for explosion-proof products and CQC mark certification of explosion-proof products like lighting fixtures. This one-stop approach allows for multiple certificates to be acquired through a single application.

  • CCC Certification

As a certification body designated by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P.R.C, CQC conducts certification for Class I, Class II, and Class III explosion-proof electrical products listed in the CCC catalog. This includes explosion-proof distribution equipment, starters, monitors, sensors, and accessories. CQC boasts multiple branches both at home and abroad, providing efficient certification services for enterprises nearby to facilitate trade. With scientifically formulated and reasoned certification schemes, enterprises can access certification certificates in a timely manner. Meanwhile, CQC maintains stringent quality control at every stage of the certification process, aiding clients in enhancing product quality.

  • CQC Certification

CQC Certification refers to safety certification for various types of explosion-proof electrical products beyond the scope of the CCC catalog, including explosion-proof transmitters, temperature instruments, and level gauges. It covers explosion protection types such as: flameproof Ex “d”, increased safety Ex “e”, intrinsic safety Ex “i”, pressurization Ex “p”, oil immersion Ex “o”, powder filling Ex “q”, non-sparking Ex “n”, encapsulation Ex “m”, dust ignition protection by enclosure “t”, and composite types (combinations of two or more explosion protection types).

  • EPEC

Sinopec’s Materials and Equipment Department has authorized the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) to establish evaluation systems for 288 product categories, representing one-third of its entire catalog. CQC is the sole designated evaluation body for explosion-proof electrical products, covering 12 major categories of products. They are explosion-proof magnetic starters, junction boxes, lighting switches, transfer switches, pipe fittings, circuit breakers, pins, distribution boxes, and operating columns, as well as internal explosion-proof buttons, breakers, and indicator lights.

  • Personnel Training

Training sessions or customized training services are provided to ensure that explosion-proof electrical certification management personnel, as well as technical and procurement personnel from explosion-proof electrical enterprises have a deeper understanding of legal regulations related to explosion-proof electrical products, certification fundamentals, explosion-proof principles, and usage.

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