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Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles - product certification

  • China Mandatory Product Certification (CCC Certification)

cccChina Compulsory Certification (CCC) system, is a legal framework widely adopted to protect consumer rights and ensure the safety of consumers' lives and property. CQC is the largest certification body for automotive products in China and is responsible for CCC certification.

  •  CQC Mark Certification

cqcThe CQC Mark Certification is a voluntary product certification conducted by CQC. Currently, CQC offers CQC Mark Certification for pure electric passenger vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric passenger vehicles, and passenger vehicles (M1-class vehicles fueled by traditional energy sources such as gasoline or diesel).

  • Resource Conservation Product Certification

认证Resource Conservation Product Certification is one of the voluntary product certification conducted by CQC. It signifies that a product meets the relevant certification requirements for energy conservation, water conservation, and other resource-saving aspects, indicated by the "节" (jié) symbol. Currently, CQC offers "节" symbol certification for mass-produced M-class and N-class automobiles that have obtained the national mandatory product certification and are intended for use on Chinese highways and urban roads.

Motor Vehicles - Technical Evaluation

  • China-Automotive Health Index

中国汽车健康指数China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CAERI) has integrated research resources from the automotive industry, medical industry, and communication industry. Under the guidance of the International Society of Traffic Medicine, CAERI initiated and led the evaluation of the "China Automotive Health Index."

  • IVISTA China Intelligent Vehicle Index


Under the guidance of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) and the Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China), CAERI has collaborated with the National Intelligent Vehicle Test Demonstration Zone, the National Accident Investigation System (NAIS) of the Recall Center, insurance companies, universities, and other entities. Through diversified cooperation, CAERI has developed the IVISTA China Intelligent Vehicle Index.

  • China Insurance Automotive Safety Index

中国保险汽车安全指数Under the guidance of the China Insurance Association, CAERI and the Automotive Technology Research Institute of CIRI have jointly launched the "China Insurance Automotive Safety Index" .For the first time, this project conducts systematic and in-depth experimental research on the safety risks of vehicles as insurable objects, focusing on the ownership and usage phases of automobiles.

  • The high and low temperature driving range evaluation of pure electric vehicles


CQC carries out evaluations of the driving range of pure electric vehicles in high and low temperature conditions, focusing on the driving range issues faced by consumers during the use of pure electric vehicles.The aim is to encourage automotive manufacturers to increase the driving range of pure electric vehicles and reduce the rate of range degradation through technological innovation. Simultaneously, it provides consumers with authoritative reference information.

  •  Smart port comprehensive solution


Autonomous driving is a product of deep integration between the automotive industry and various cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, big data, and the IoT. CQC has taken port freight autonomous driving as a start and is conducting research on comprehensive solutions for smart ports.T

  • Construction planning of vehicle-road-cloud integrated intelligent port

车-路-云Under the lead of CQC, the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Certification Technology Research Center, Yoodoo Intelligent Mobility (an autonomous driving startup incubated by SAIC Group), and Tongji University - CAT Lab are jointly conducting research on the planning and construction of the Qinhuangdao Vehicle-Road-Cloud Integrated Intelligent Port for He Gang Group.


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