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Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

Quality supervision of key equipment during the whole process

We provide factory audit services for wind power generation equipment, PV modules, PV inverters, energy storage converters for power systems, energy storage batteries and other products.

Station/equipment installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, monitoring, and acceptance services

  • Wind Energy


Provide reasonable and efficient solutions to the construction, operation, risk management and capital operation of wind farms through customized services for wind power developers and suppliers

Bidding stage

  • Technical services for bidding

  • Site specific design assessment

  • Wind turbine life extension

  • Wind resource review

Construction period

  • Technical due diligence

  • Manufacturing supervision of wind power equipment

  • Hoisting of soft-soft towers

  • Operation and maintenance service capability evaluation of wind farms

  • Operation and maintenance service capability evaluation of wind turbine components

  • Pre-acceptance of wind farms

Operation period

  • Testing

  • Power curve verification

  • SCADA data analysis

  • Technical transformation evaluation

  • Technical due diligence (established)

  • Post-evaluation of wind farms

  • Wind turbine life extension and life monitoring

  • Accident analysis and loss determination

  • Quality assurance

  • Customized services

Technical services for the whole life cycle of wind farms

  • Training

  • Equipment manufacturing supervision

  • Projects

  • Formulation and revision of standards

  • Offshore wind power

  • Solar Energy



Design evaluation

  • Evaluation of multi-source light resources

  • Roof capacity evaluation

  • Investigation and selection of natural environment such as meteorology and geology

  • Investigation and selection of social environment such as on-grid conditions and preferential policies

Selection of equipment and components

  • Environmental adaptability evaluation of PV modules

  • Advanced technology evaluation of PV modules

  • Outdoor demonstration

  • Inverter selection

  • Cable testing

  • PV bracket and floating material testing

  • Testing of combiner box and other equipment

Manufacturing supervision of equipment and components

  • PV modules

  • Combiner box

  • Inverter

  • Transformer

  • Support and floating materials

  • Quality supervision and control of the whole process of PV cells

Construction quality evaluation

  • Incoming inspection of PV equipment

  • PV equipment installation quality inspection

  • Quality inspection of construction works

On-grid acceptance

  • Acceptance plan services

  • Document review

  • On-grid acceptance inspection

Operation management

  • Operation personnel training

  • Operation system

  • Operating expense and income

  • Power generation analysis and optimization improvement

System post-evaluation

  • M&A technology due diligence

  • Power generation evaluation

  • Component attenuation rate tracking services

  • System efficiency tracking services

  • Quality and safety evaluation

  • Operation and maintenance capability evaluation

  • Accident analysis environment investigation and selection

Inspection + testing + certification + big data analysis

  • Quality control services in the whole construction process of PV power station

  • System post-evaluation

  • Industrial chain cooperation

  • Energy Storage

Technical services: operation inspection at the system side


Centralized charging and shared energy storage acceptance services

  • Requirements of Charging parking area

  • Electrical wiring facilities

  • Charging equipment

  • Safety requirements


Qualification of the first CNAS17020 inspection body in China: (1) field test and evaluation of energy storage system; (2) field evaluation of electric bicycle charging and charging stations with shared energy storage

  • Hydrogen Energy


Design review

  • Conformity of design scheme, technical agreement and standard;

  • HAZOP analysis and LOPA safety risk analysis;

Manufacturing process supervision

  • Supervise, inspect and track the manufacturing process;

  • Carry out random sampling inspection and ex-factory inspection on components, delivery list, equipment nameplate and equipment materials;

  • Ensure equipment manufacturing lead time, identify delay risks and provide early warnings

Project acceptance

  • Conformity inspection of design scheme

  • Installation quality inspection

  • Project safety acceptance

Extended services

  • Overall energy efficiency monitoring service of the project

  • Operation and maintenance capability evaluation

  • Personnel training services

  • Green electricity and hydrogen certification


Energy Storage Sector: 

Contact Person:Li Haipeng 

Tel:86-10- 83886991 


Photovoltaic Sector: 

Contact Person:Zhang Yuanxue 

Tel:86-10- 18801120352 


Wind Energy Sector: 

Contact Person:Ren Chenwei 

Tel:86-10- 83886071 


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