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Tianjin Tianping Quality and Inspection Development Co., Ltd


Founded in 2017, Tianjin Tianping Quality and Inspection Development Co., Ltd is located in Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone, Tianjin.

Core services:

-Entry-exit inspection for motor vehicles

-Automotive product supervision and random inspection

-Consistency verification

In 2020, it joined in SMVIC’s laboratory management system and possessed the CNAS and CMA qualification of SMVIC, capable of undertaking testing of automotive products applied to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the Announcement on On-road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products, national environmental protection certification, CCC certification, supervision and random inspection, commissioned testing by enterprises and other related tasks.

Core Testing Capability

  • Emission Testing Laboratory

Capable of conducting most testing projects for light-duty vehicles stipulated in CHINA 5, CHINA 6, Euro 5 and Euro 6 regulations, including cold-start emissions at ambient temperature, RDE, crankcase emissions, evaporative emissions, cold-start emissions at low temperature, refueling emissions, OBD testing, and fuel consumption.

图片1231 图片1232
4WD emission chambers VT-SHED
  • Vehicle Testing Laboratory

Capable of conducting whole vehicle testing projects related to small-batch imported passenger car certification, including forward visibility for automobile drivers, static roll stability angle and center of mass for motor vehicles and trailers, braking performance of passenger cars, noise outside the vehicle during acceleration, and installation of the external lighting and light-signalling devices for motor vehicles.

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Static roll stability test bench Trilinear coordinates measuring instrument
  • VOC Testing Laboratory

Accredited by CNAS and CMA for whole vehicle VOC test.

- GB/T 27630: Guideline for Air Quality Assessment of Passenger Car

- HJ/T 400: Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds and Carbonyl Compounds in Cabin of Vehicles

- ISO 12219-1: Interior Air of Road Vehicles – Part 1: Whole Vehicle Test Chamber - Specification and Method for the Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Cabin Interiors


Whole vehicle test chamber for VOC

Contact us

Address: Retrofit Factory, No.1399, Neimeng Road, Pilot Free Trade Zone (Dongjiang Bonded Port Area), Tianjin, China

Tel: 86-22-25700862-8013

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