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Solar Power
  • Solar Energy

In the field of solar energy, we mainly provide basic certification, “Top-Runner” certification and green certification for  (PV) modules, inverters, components, raw materials and controllers; provide design evaluation, environmental adaptability evaluation of  photovoltaic modules, advanced technology evaluation of PV modules, outdoor demonstration, inverter selection, cable testing, PV bracket, floating material testing, combiner box and other equipment testing, manufacturing supervision of PV equipment and components, incoming inspection of PV equipment, PV equipment installation quality testing, construction engineering quality inspection, on-grid acceptance, operation management, M&A technology due diligence, power generation evaluation, component attenuation rate tracking, quality and safety evaluation, accident analysis, environmental investigation and selection, etc. Meanwhile, we also provide customers with Japanese JPEA listing and registration services and IECRE PV-related certification.

  • Photovoltaic (PV) Modules and Solar PV Systems - National Green Building Materials Product Certification


China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) is the first certification body authorized by the Chinese government to carry out green building materials product certification for PV modules and solar PV systems, and the certification results will be fully acknowledged in the formulation of documents, evaluation of procurement projects, engineering construction, completion and acceptance of government procurement in support of green building materials and other related processes.

The green building materials product certification system implements the requirements of Guidelines of the General Office of the State Council on Establishing a Unified Standard, Certification, and Labeling System for Green Products. The system, jointly established by the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has been carried out nationwide. It aims at improving the market system of green building materials, increasing the supply of green building materials products, and enhancing the quality of green building materials products, thus promoting the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry and the construction industry.

  • CQC Green Product Certification - PV Modules and PV Inverters


CQC Green Product Certification is a high - end quality certification service independently developed by the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) based on the national development concept of "Carbon Peak - Carbon Neutrality," with two major categories of certified products: PV modules and PV inverters.

Following the principles of "life cycle concept" and "leadership in green and high-end products," the green product certification program formulates a more stringent certification index system than the national certification standard. The certification index system involves two major dimensions (organization and product), and four major attributes (resource, energy, environment, and quality).

CQC green product certification results will be more favorable to project owners in the bidding and procurement process of large-scale terrestrial power plants.

  • CQC "Top-Runner" Certification Program


The "Top-Runner" certification mark signifies that the product conforms to the performance requirements of the relevant standards and technical specifications. The bands in different colors denote different conformity categories, with "Level  1” representing the most efficient, "Affordable Pioneer" product, "Level  2" representing "Top-Runner" product meeting the requirements of the industry's advanced technical indicators, and "Level  3" representing the lowest efficient product meeting the access requirements.

  •  Objects of concern for the "Top-Runner" certification program:

  • Terrestrial PV modules (single-sided, double-sided; single-glass, double-glass; monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and thin-film PV modules)

  • PV grid-connected inverter

  • PV critical packaging materials - backsheet materials

  • Indicators of concern for the "Top-Runner" certification program:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of terrestrial-mounted PV modules' conversion efficiency, environmental adaptability, and power generation capacity in different application scenarios.

  • A comprehensive evaluation of grid-connected PV inverters' power generation efficiency and environmental adaptability in different application scenarios.

  • A comprehensive evaluation of the environmental durability of backsheet materials for PV module encapsulation.

  • EPEC Product Quality Assessment Service


  • Industrial Products E-commerce Platform-EPEC

As SINOPEC's industrial products e-commerce platform, EPEC implements the principle of "making procurement more professional," as well as "procurement by experts, bidding by connoisseurs, butler services shared by all," gathering millions of selected high-quality resources of industrial products, and tapping into the core inherent value in the supply chain.

  • EPEC Standard Created by E-commerce Platform EPEC

ES (EPEC Standard) system focuses on corporate credit certification, product quality evaluation, dynamic evaluation of fulfillment, and market performance.

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