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Impartiality Statement

1  CQC is independent the third-party certification body, and CQC fully understanding the importance of impartiality, the general certification objective of CQC is to ensure all related parties trust and meet the certification rules and work in a reliable, independent, non-discriminatory, and transparent manner.

2 CQC will comply with the relevant laws and regulations of national certification and accreditation, CNCA related requirements, CNAS accreditation specifications, IQNet peer review requirements, IFOAM-related norms, UNFCCC regulations, as well as other CQC to join the international and domestic organizations certification and accreditation regulatory requirements, while complying with the relevant national certification and accreditation requirements of the relevant national certification and accreditation with its certification body, to ensure that the work in a credible, independent, non-discriminatory, transparent manner.

3  CQC provides equal quality service to all applicants, without additional financial or other requirements. Do not limit applications and certifications based on the size of the supplier, whether it is a member of an association/group, or the number of certificates issued. CQC should not handle the certificate business discriminatorily, including speedup or postpone applications intentionally.

4  CQC has the Committee for the Maintenance of Impartiality on high level of the organization. The Management Commitment is composed of representatives related to certification activities, including representatives of relevant government departments, manufacturers or suppliers, user representatives, consumers, conformity assessment experts, certification body, etc., the interests of all parties are balance, and none of them can dominate others. The Committee for the Maintenance of Impartiality is responsible for reviewing the impartiality of the guidelines, principles and content relating to the operation and certification activities of the certification body, evaluating the fairness of products, system certification that may affect the impartiality of the body, and making comments or recommendations. To ensure impartiality, the CQC's top management does not serve as the chairman of the Committee for the Maintenance of Fairness.

5  CQC will unswervingly carry out and perform the commitment to certification activities and impartiality. CQC has identified, analyzed and confirmed for the possibility of interests of conflict (which may includes Self-interest threats, Self-review threats, Familiarity of trust threats, Intimidation threats, etc.) arise in certificate course, and to ensure the impartiality. When there are changes in the CQC that may affect the impartiality of the institution, the CQC will provide the Committee for the Maintenance of Impartiality with relevant information and impartiality analysis reports on conflict of interest analysis, and the Impartiality Audit shall be conducted by the Maintenance of Impartiality Committee to ensure the objectivity and impartiality of the CQC's certification activities.

6  CQC ensures the independence and impartiality in policy formulation, evaluation(review) and certification decisions.

7 CQC should ensure all of its certification acceptance, evaluation, audit, inspection, management personnel involved in the certification process have no commercial, financial or other pressures that may affect the certification process and conclusions. CQC does not participate in activities that would affect the fairness, scientificity and objectivity of certification. Do not provide any services that may compromise the fairness, objectivity and confidentiality of the certification process and decisions.

8 CQC has no agreement or tacit understanding with any consulting institution for certification, consulting "one-stop" service. CQC will issue a statement or take legal action to stop any claim or suggestion that they will make the certification easier, faster or cheaper.

9  CQC requires all staff (including members of Committee for the Maintenance of Impartiality, technical committee), subcontractors or external inspectors engaged in evaluation to commit to the fairness and confidentiality of the work they do. If a breach of commitment is found, it is the CQC's responsibility to take appropriate corrective action.

10  CQC has a sound guidelines and procedures for receiving and handling appeals, complaints and disputes from applicants or other parties relating to certification business or other related matters, and accepts and cooperates with the management and supervision of all relevant parties in society.



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