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In recent years, domestic policies and plans on E-vehicles have been intensively introduced, indicating that the development of E-vehicles has become an important national policy in China. As a strategic emerging industry for national development and a key weapon for energy conservation, emission reduction and air pollution control, E-vehicles will become the norm in the coming years and decades. With the leapfrog development of domestic E-vehicle market, the safety and operation reliability of E-vehicles are increasingly valued by people from all walks of life, including governments. The high-speed industrialization and ambitious planning of domestic E-vehicles not only bring unprecedented opportunities for the development of automobile and supporting component industry, but also pose new challenges and demands for their quality and safety.

As the largest local certification body in China, CQC has actively responded to the government’s call to develop E-vehicles in recent years, invested in R&D efforts, integrated existing testing and certification resources, and focused on E-vehicles and related industries. From “electricity” to “vehicle”, from “charging” to “electric”, and from the whole vehicle to components and materials, it carries out all-round technical services, R&D training, testing and certification, and provides technical support for the implementation and promotion of multiple national policies.

CQC’s third-party certification service in the whole industry chain of E-vehicles and charging equipment will not only help promote product quality control and improvement, ensure basic safety, but also facilitate inter-industry recognition, reduce trading and management costs, promote trade facilitation, and give play to the core roles of certification in “delivering trust, serving development”.

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