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Notice on the Update of Some Standards for Children's Toys for GC-mark Certification

To whom it may concern,

Some of the EU harmonized standards involved in the Gulf GC-mark Certification of children's toy products have been updated. From May 15th, 2022, the following old standards will be abolished. Products must meet the requirements of the new version of the standard before applying for the GC-mark certification. The details as following:

1. EN 71-2, Safety of Toys, Part 2: Flammability

Replacing EN 71-2:2011 + A1:2014 with EN 71-2:2020, the main updates are:

1) Costume toys require testing before and after washing

2) Unlike earlier versions of EN 71-2, this new version is now designed to test materials containing seams, trims, decals and similar decorative features, as long as sufficient material is available in the specimen.

3) Test methods are more clearly expressed.

4) Toys of disguised clothing and toys intended for children to play with, if they contain dropped loose fill, shall be tested in accordance with the test method for soft-filled toys so that soft-filled components can be tested in an appropriate manner.

5) Remove A.2 from previous version.

6) Added appendix for specific test categories suitable for different types of toys.

2. EN 71-3, Safety of toys, Part 3: Migration of certain elements

Replacing EN 71-3:2019 with EN 71-3:2019+A1:2021, this revision is related to the migration limit of aluminum element, as shown in the following table:


Migration Limit of Aluminum(AL) Element

Class I(mg/kg)

Class II(mg/kg)

Class III(mg/kg)

EN 71-3:2019+A1:2021




EN 71-3:2019




For the products that have obtained the GC-mark certificate according to the old standard, the certificate holder should submit an application for updating the standards to CQC as soon as possible. If the update is not completed properly, there may be problems during the use of the certificate, for example, the Product CoC cannot be successfully issued on the SABER platform in Saudi Arabia. The revision may involve supplementary testing, please refer to the above description of the difference between the old and new versions.

CQC Product Certification Department VI, Guangzhou Branch, Shanghai Branch, and Shenzhen Branch can all accept applications for GC-mark certification for children's toys. The contact information is as follows:

CQC Shenzhen Branch:

Wu Lianping0755-82889151

CQC Guangzhou Branch:

Wang Huaijin, 020-85190012; Zhang Xujia, 0754-88739011

CQC Shanghai Branch:

Lin Bin, 021-60133057

CQC Product Certification Department VI:

Ma Qiju, 010-83886308; Feng Weibin, 010-83886869

                                                   China Quality Certification Centre

                                                              May 24, 2022

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