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Green Data Center Certification

In recent years, large data centers have been emerging rapidly in China. Large state-owned enterprises and government agencies in the finance, communications, petrochemical and power industries have built their own data centers and disaster preparedness centers successively. With the introduction of IoT, cloud computing, channel computing resources from the east to the west and other internet concepts, lots of funds have been invested in the construction of commercial Internet data centers (IDCs). Meanwhile, the growth of data centers exerts a huge impact on power supply and has become an energy-intensive industry. With the application of new energy-saving technologies in data centers, despite the growing demand for computing power continues at a high proportion, high energy consumption and high carbon emissions in future data centers may not reach such high levels. However, this does not mean that the IT industry and decision makers can rest easy. Green, energy-saving and low-carbon development of data centers is still a key issue worthy of attention.

With the promulgation of a series of national policies, the green and low-carbon development of data centers has emerged as an important part of their high-quality development strategy. During the green and low-carbon development, the energy efficiency of equipment at data centers is enhanced through innovative energy-saving technologies. Renewable energy is fully utilized to reduce carbon emissions, and then promote the basic supporting role of data centers as new digital infrastructure, driving the society to achieve the goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

The green data center certification provided by the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) is to evaluate the work carried out by the data center in its full life cycle according to the five evaluation aspects of efficient utilization of energy resources, green design and procurement, green management of energy resources, green management of equipment and strengths (pluses). The evaluation results can be divided into three levels, with Level I being the highest level and Level III being the lowest level.


I. Application Scope:

Green Data Center Certification (Application Category No.: 713021)

II. Certification Mode:

On-site audit and on-site witness + post-certification supervision

III. Certification Level:

Green data center certification consists of three levels of certification:

Level I;

Level II;

Level III.

IV. Technical Specifications:

CQC5321-2023 Technical Specifications for Green Data Center Certification

V. Implementation Rules:

CQC 53-541208-2023 Implementation Rules for Green Data Center Certification

VI. Application Method:

Online (Online Application System for CQC Product Certification Business)


VII. Certification Process:

Application Processes

1. Submit application and required documents

2. Application review and test plan development by CQC

3. Carry out testing and onsite witness testing and issue reports by CQC

4. Conformity assessment by CQC

5. Payment of applicant

6. Certificate issuance

Contacts for Data Center Site Evaluation

Chen Kai

Tel.: 010-83886307

Fax: 010-83886317

Email: chenkai@cqc.com.cn

Mailing address: F5, Building 7, Section 9, No.188, Nansihuan (South Fouth Ring Road) Xilu (West Road), Fengtai District, Beijing

Wang Yenan

Tel.: 010-83886948

Fax: 010-83886663

Email: wangyenan@cqc.com.cn

Mailing address: F5, Building 8, Section 9, No.188, Nansihuan (South Fouth Ring Road) Xilu (West Road), Fengtai District, Beijing

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