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Carbon Reduction Product Verification


Business Overview

Carbon reduction products refer to those that can achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction. Enterprises implement energy-saving and carbon-reducing measures to improve the resource utilization efficiency and energy efficiency of products in the whole life cycle stage.

For the same product with carbon footprint verification at least twice, if the carbon footprint is reduced, it can apply for the evaluation and verification of carbon reduction products. Then, carbon reduction certificates and carbon reduction labels will be issued.

In order to curb the trend of global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, carbon reduction products, as a new environmental indicator that can intuitively display the information of greenhouse gas emission reduction, have attracted more and more attention, which helps governments, organizations or individuals truly understand the impact of production and life on climate change, and formulate and implement emission reduction action plans for achieving emission reduction targets.

CQC, as a third-party certification body, verifies the products that feature carbon reduction, provides relevant technical services, issues certificates of carbon reduction products, and offers carbon reduction labels according to customer needs.

Basic requirements for carbon reduction verification: the product to be verified shall obtain at least two product carbon footprint verification certificates, and the enterprise shall be able to provide the implementation report of relevant carbon reduction measures. Meanwhile, enterprises accept and cooperate with the on-site verification of third-party bodies.

Role and Significance

  • Urge enterprises to strengthen environmental protection measures, improve environmental performance of products, and achieve the goals of reducing energy consumption, lowering pollution, protecting environment and increasing benefits.

  • Facilitate purchasers to identify carbon reduction products with good environmental performance among many consumer products.

  • Determine the key direction of emission reduction, guide and promote the development of carbon reduction products, and create a better and orderly market environment for green consumption.

Verification Standard

  • ISO14067 Greenhouse Gases - Requirements and Guidelines for Quantifying the Carbon Footprint of Products

  • PAS2050 Specification for the Assessment of the Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Goods and Services

  • CQC Implementation Rules for the Certification of Carbon Reduction Products

Verification Process


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