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Academician Haizhou Wang visited CQC

On March 1, 2024, a delegation led by Academician Haizhou Wang visited CQC. Xie Zhaoxu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Managing Director of CQC, welcomed the delegation. The meeting was attended by Wang Chen, Director of the Coordinating Committee of the Zhongguancun Material Testing Technology Alliance (referred to as "CSTM"), Yang Zhigang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of GANGYAN NACKE Testing Technology Co., Ltd., as well as representatives from both parties. The meeting was chaired by Xu Shaoshan, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy Managing Director of CQC。



During the meeting, Xie Zhaoxu expressed gratitude to Academician Haizhou Wang for his longstanding support of CQC's work. He also provided an overview of CQC's development history and business operations. Xie noted that CSTM, as a standardization organization in China's materials and testing field, has consistently promoted the high-quality development of China's material industry by establishing and improving related standards and evaluation systems. He expressed hope for future in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the application of materials in fields such as electronics, transportation, electrical engineering, and electrical appliances. This collaboration aims to advance the coordinated development of standards and conformity assessment work, thereby enhancing the service level of inspection, testing, and certification supply.


Wang Haizhou reviewed the original intention and development process of the CSTM Standard Committee, outlining the establishment of a standardized system covering the entire industry chain, entire process, complete life cycle, and overall domain. He expressed his desire for both parties to identify specific entry points, and collaborate on research covering the entire process of product design, production, manufacturing, and in-service service, focusing on technical requirements and performance evaluation standards. This collaboration aims to promote improved quality and efficiency for enterprises, as well as to drive the modernization of industrial foundations and industry chains.


During the discussion, representatives from both sides engaged in an in-depth discussion on enhancing the quality of the materials supply chain and the effective implementation of "dual-carbon" strategic deployment through the construction of an industry chain, standardization chain, and efficient data chain. In the future, both parties will continue to strengthen cooperation, leverage mutual strengths, and collectively enhance the innovation capabilities in the field of material standardization with the aim of supporting the high-quality development of China's industrial sector.

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