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CQC was commended in the 2023 Manufacturing Industry Digital Transformation Standardization Conference and SAC/TC573 Plenary

On January 10, 2024, the Manufacturing Industry Digital Transformation Standardization Conference for the year 2023, along with the SAC/TC573 plenary session, took place in Beijing. Jiang Mingtao, Deputy Director of the Information Technology Development Department under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), provided the opening remarks for the conference. Guo Huanxin, a Senior Counsel with the Standards and Technology Management Department at the State Administration for Market Regulation (Standardization Administration), delivered a video address. An opening welcome was read by Jiang Yan, Minister at the National Research Centre for the Industrial Information Security Development, which serves as the secretariat of SAC/TC573. Yao Jia, Director of the Standards Division within the Science and Technology Department of MIIT, was present as well. The conference was attended by experts, representatives from TC573, standard working groups, crucial standard drafting units, application units, and the CQC Intelligent Manufacturing Evaluation Centre.


The session provided a retrospective of SAC/TC573's achievements, discussed a summary of work and upcoming plans, and heralded the restructuring of the standards working groups within TC573. Participants exchanged insights and case studies related to standardization efforts and the application of critical standards. The ceremony honored advanced collectives and individuals, as well as exemplary organizations in the standard application of information technology and industrial integration for the year 2023, with a member of the CQC Intelligent Manufacturing Evaluation Centre being among the awardees.


Over the course of 2023, CQC closely collaborated with three of TC573's working groups focused on Digital Transformation (WG2), Modern Supply Chain (WG5), and Digital Management of Production Facilities (WG4). These efforts have significantly influenced both the development of standards and the promotion of their application. In the domain of digital transformation, the "Digital Transformation Maturity Model" (TAIITRE 10004-2023), co-developed by CQC, has become a foundational document for MIIT's digital transformation standardization pilot program, and CQC has been recognized as one of the inaugural batch of standard application service organizations in Beijing. As for modern supply chain services, CQC, being among the first in the country to conduct independent evaluations of digital supply chain grades, has participated in pilot evaluations for companies such as Midea Laundry, ZTE Server, Shanghai Liang Xin, Bosideng Down, and Far East Holding Group. In managing digital production facilities, CQC engaged as one of the initial institutions to handle production equipment management capability evaluations. This was demonstrated through pilot evaluations for products such as XCMG excavators, Lenovo Kaitian Technology, and CSC Dalian Locomotives, utilizing the guidelines outlined in the "Maturity Evaluation of Production Equipment Management Capability for the IT and Industrial Integration Management System" (GB/T23021-2022).

Moving forward, CQC will tap into its wealth of professional expertise and platform benefits as a national quality service organization. It will fervently advance the application and implementation of relevant standards in areas including talent development, project management, corporate standardization, and official evaluations. Doing so, CQC aims to deepen the integration of information technology with industrialization and drive the progress of industrial modernization, using standardization as a guiding force.

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