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China Green Product Certification
  • China Green Product Certification

Green product certification is a kind of certification implemented by the State Administration for Market Regulation in China, aiming at integrating eco-friendly, energy-saving, water-saving, recycled, regenerative, low-carbon and organic products into green products, and establishing a unified green product certification system. Certification objects are mainly end consumer products, especially products with high consumer concern, urgent need for consumption upgrading, and great impact on ecological environment and human health. It is positioned as a green high-end product certification.

Green product certification consists of two categories: Certification Activity I and Certification Activity II. Certification Activity I is carried out by the certification body for the products listed in the national unified green product certification catalogue according to the standards in the list of green product evaluation standards and the green product certification rules uniformly formulated and issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation. Certification Activity II is implemented by the certification body in accordance with clear certification rules and evaluation standards of the unified certification system jointly launched by the State Administration for Market Regulation and relevant departments of the State Council involving green attributes such as resources, energy, environment and quality.


Certification Activity I:

furniture (331002), textile products (331003), paper and paper products (331005), wood-based panels and wood flooring (331006), coatings (331007), sanitary wares (331008), thermal insulation (331009), Waterproof matreials and sealants (331010), ceramic tiles (board) (331011), detergent (331012), plastic products (331013), building glass (331014)

Certification Activity II - Express Packaging:

envelope (332080), packing box (332081), packing bag (332082), container bag (332083), electronic waybill (332084), paper filler (332085), plastic filler (332086), suspended fastener package (332087), tape (332088), reusable express package (332089)

Certification Activity II - Green Building Materials:

precast components (332002), steel members in steel structure buildings (332003), modern structural timber material (332004), masonry materials (332005), heat insulating system material (332006), ready-mixed concrete (332007), pre-mixed mortar (332008), concrete admixtures—water reducer (332009), building doors and windows and the accessories (332010), curtainwall (332011), building energy-saving glass (332012), solar shading product of building (332013), profile for door, window and curtainwall (332014), steel apartment doors (332015), metal composite decorative materials (332016), building ceramic (332017), sanitary ware (332018), inorganic decorative plate (332019), gypsum decorative materials (332020), stone (332021), magnesium decorative materials (332022), ceiling system (332023), integrated wall panel (332024), gypsum plasterboard (332025), building sealants (332026), waterproof sheet (332027), waterproof coating (332028), wall coating material (332029), reflective thermal insulation coating (332030), air purification materials (332031), resin flooring material (332032), faucets (332033), valves for building (332034), plastic pipes and fittings (332035), tubular daylighting system (332048)


China Green Product Certification Activity I


China Green Product Certification Activity II


China Green Product Certification Activity II - Graded Certification of Green Building Materials

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