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About the Industry and Products

Low-voltage electrical appliances are components or equipment that can manually or automatically connect or disconnect circuits based on external signals and requirements, in order to switch, control, protect, detect, change and adjust the circuits or non-electrical objects. Low-voltage electrical appliances can be divided into two categories: distribution appliances and control appliances, which are the basic components of complete electrical equipment.

In industrial, agriculture, transportation, national defense, and civilian electricity supply sectors, the quality of electrical components will directly affect the reliability of low-voltage power supply systems.

Typical low-voltage electrical appliances include circuit-breakers, switches, fuses, contactors, and relays. When installing electrical circuits, low-voltage electrical appliances are used to connect the power supply and load (such as electrical motors) to achieve control functions such as load connection, disconnection, and protection.

The future development of low-voltage electrical appliances will present the following trends:

Intelligent low-voltage electrical products. In modern power stations and industrial and mining enterprises, computer monitoring systems have been widely used, bringing forth high-performance and intelligent requirements for the accompanying low-voltage circuit-breakers. The products are also required to have functions such as protection, monitoring, testing, self-diagnosis, and display.

Product digitization. In modern enterprises, it has become a mainstream in mechanical and electrical control systems to replace systems composed of electrical and mechanical components with PC control systems. These systems require electrical products to have high reliability and anti-interference performance.

Product combination and modularization. Today’s development direction of the low-voltage electrical industry is to combine modules with different functions according to different needs into modular electrical appliances. It will further improve the reliability and quality of the products, expand the products’ applicability and simplify the production process.

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