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BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard Certification

Certification Introduction:

BRC stands for Brand Reputation through Compliance. Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standard (BRCGS) was initially developed and issued by the British Retail Consortium as a supply standard for retailers’ private-label food products. With the support of its parent company LGC, BRCGS certification has evolved from a UK retail-oriented standard into a global leader in standards. BRCGS is the first standard accredited by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). CQC is the first certification body in China authorized by BRCGS and is also accredited by the German accreditation body of DAkkS. CQC holds a leading position in BRCGS food certification in China and maintains long-term collaborations with numerous industry-leading enterprises.

Certification Standard:

BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety Issue 9 (9th Edition) was launched in August 2022. Since February 1, 2023, BRCGS Food Safety standard certification has been conducted according to the 9th Edition.

Certification Mode:

The certification mode of BRCGS consists of announced audit, unannounced audit, and blended audit. Customers can choose different certification modes based on their own needs and GFSI requirements.

Certification duration:

Audit Time: It depends on the customer’s employee count, factory size, number of HACCP studies, complexity of production process, labor intensity and number of production lines. Typically, it takes 2-3 man-days.

Certification Certificate: valid for 1 year or 6 months (varying in certification grade)

Certification Scope:

Product Categories

Raw meat from livestock

Ready-to-eat meals, sandwiches and desserts

Raw poultry

Low/high acid foods in tin/glass containers

Raw prepared products (meat and vegetables)


Raw fish products and preparations

Alcoholic beverages

Fruits, vegetables and nuts

Baked products

Processed fruits, vegetables and nuts

Dried food and ingredients

Milk, liquid eggs


Cooked meat/fish products

Cereals and snacks

Raw cured and/or fermented meat and fish products

Oils and fats

Certification Values

  1. With strong credibility, enhance public confidence in enterprises’ food safety programs and supply chain management.

  2. Enhance food manufacturers’ capabilities of managing food safety systems, meet the requirements of relevant regulations, clients, and consumers for food safety, and ensure a secure food supply chain.

  3. Provide cost-effective benefits and facilitate trade.

  4. BRCGS standard exhibits compatibility with ISO 22000, HACCP, FSSC22000 and other certification.

Success Stories

COFCO, BBCA Group, ChaCha Food, Want Want China, etc.



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