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CQC hosted the 2023 CB System Work Conference

CQC hosted the CB System Work Conference in Xi'an on August 9th and 10th, 2023. Yang Yang, a third-level researcher from the Certification Supervision Department's International Cooperation Division at the State Administration for Market Regulation, and Liu Jiang, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy Managing Director of CQC, were present at the conference and delivered speeches. The event saw participation from over 90 representatives from relevant departments, sub-branches, and 37 CB laboratories of CQC.


Liu Jiang stated that CQC holds a prominent position as a "national" quality service institution. He highlighted their commitment to continuously exploring advanced certification techniques and methods. These efforts are aimed at assisting enterprises in expanding their international business by offering new pathways and opportunities.Liu Jiang expressed his aspiration for CQC to collaborate closely with industry organizations to enhance the competitiveness of CB certificates issued in China. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of promoting the development and progress of global certification standards for electrical and electronic products. This collective endeavor will not only benefit domestic businesses but also contribute to the overall growth and advancement of the industry worldwide.

At the meeting, the International Cooperation Department of CQC conducted a comprehensive review and summary of the previous year's work on the CB system. In-depth analysis was carried out to assess the current state of the CB certification market, with a focus on identifying common violations and discussing appropriate handling measures. Common issues in CB reports were discussed.Furthermore, an informative presentation was delivered on the recent developments within the IECEE and the latest requirements for CB certification.The meeting included detailed presentations summarizing the work accomplished by expert groups during the previous year. Following these presentations, in-depth discussions were held, delving into the technical challenges associated with CB certification.To further enhance the proficiency of participants, the conference provided training on NCB internal audit requirements, in addition to arranging an examination for internal auditors to gauge their understanding and competence in this area.

Since formally joining the IECEE CB system in 1990, CQC has been actively involved in issuing over 1,500 standard CB certificates spanning 19 categories. These certificates bear recognition from 54 member countries of the IECEE system, as well as other regions and countries. CQC's steadfast commitment to driving the growth of China's CB certification system over the years is commendable.CQC has issued more than 60,000 CB certificates to over 10,000 firms. This significant achievement has played a crucial role in enhancing the global competitiveness of Chinese exporting companies and establishing a new model for mutual promotion between domestic and international sectors.

Looking ahead, CQC is determined to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to foster the sustainable growth of global enterprises, while nurturing an atmosphere of win-win cooperation.Through continued efforts and cooperation, CQC envisions a future where Chinese products and certifications maintain a prominent position in the global market, driving the growth and success of enterprises both at home and abroad.

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