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CQC holds electric bicycle and motorcycle technologyexchange seminar for ASEAN exporters

On 22 July 2023, a seminar on electric bicycle and motorcycle technology exchange for ASEAN exporting enterprises was successfully held in Guigang, Guangxi. The meeting was hosted by CQC, the leading unit of China-ASEAN New Energy Vehicle Testing and Certification Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance), and conducted by Guangxi Quality Inspection Institute (GQII) of the Alliance Secretariat. This was the first meeting since the establishment of the Alliance in May this year. The meeting was attended by Lin Shaohua, Deputy Director of Gangbei District People's Government of Guigang City, Liu Jiang, Deputy Managing Director of China Quality Certification Centre and Chairman of the Alliance, Meng Yong, President of Guangxi Product Quality Inspection Research Institute and Secretary General of the Alliance, and Wang Shutang, Deputy Director of "One Belt, One Road" Environmental Technology Exchange and Transfer Centre (Shenzhen). Representatives from the Guangxi Electric Vehicle Industry Association, Yadi Technology Group Co.


Liu Jiang stated that with the full implementation of RCEP, the electric bicycle and motorbike industry has a new opportunity for industrial development and has achieved significant success in actively exploring international markets in recent years. We aim to use this seminar as an opportunity to create a favourable communication platform, which will help to identify and address technical barriers to trade issues faced by the electric bicycle and motorbike industry when exploring the international markets like ASEAN. We also intend to consolidate the resources of the Alliance and provide assistance to the industry to establish their footprint in the ASEAN market and foster the healthy development of the sector..

According to Meng Yong, Guangxi Institute of Quality Supervision is dedicated to serving the real economy. It has collaborated with the Guigang City, Hong Kong and North District Government to build the Guangxi new energy electric vehicle product quality inspection centre. As the Secretary General Unit of the Alliance, the institute efficiently combines the technical resources of the Alliance in standards, inspection, testing, and certification. This initiative helps enterprises to enhance their management and improve the overall quality and safety standards of electric vehicles. It also fosters cooperation between the Alliance and ASEAN countries in standards consultation, mutual recognition of inspection and certification results, and facilitates direct acceptance and recognition of domestic inspection and certification results by ASEAN countries.

Representatives from the participating electric vehicle manufacturers delivered speeches regarding the current status of exporting electric bicycles and motorcycles to ASEAN countries, market access channels, and export obstacles. Representatives from the CQC and the “Belt and Road” Environmental Technology Exchange and Transfer Centre delivered a special speech on research related to the laws and regulations, standards, testing capacity, low-carbon travel, and China's overseas practices for ASEAN countries. The Environmental Technology Exchange and Transfer Centre.

The seminar's success marks a significant achievement for China's electric motorcycle and electric bicycle industry enterprises in reaching out to the ASEAN. It offers an opportunity for these enterprises to gain a comprehensive understanding of technical standards and trade barriers, and offers thema platform to address the bottlenecks and challenges in industry development.

CQC as the founding member of the alliance, has played a significant role in integrating and enhancing the safety and quality of the product. Furthermore, the organization is promoting the acceptance and adoption of Chinese standards in the international market. In the future, CQC will continue to lead in serving the development of new energy vehicles in China and enhancing the international competitiveness of the industry. The organisation will strive to achieve sustainable and high-quality development.

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