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CQC Held 2023 International Certification Factory Inspection Working Conference

On 13-14 July, the CQC organised the 2023 International Certification Factory Inspection Work Conference in Fuzhou. The meeting was attended by representatives from TÜV Rheinland, JQA of Japan and IRAM of Argentina. In attendance were Liu Jiang, Deputy Managing Director of CQC and the person in charge of the Beijing Inspection Department, representatives from sub-branches, and foreign cooperation agencies, totaling to 40 people.


During his speech, Liu Jiang expressed that the CQC aims to streng then communication and coordination with foreign institutions, enhance business adhesion and jointly serve customers to promote the development of the certification business.This is aimed at gathering international consensus, creating an environmentconducive to certification development, and building a partnership to usher in a new era of prosperity and development in global certification business.


Representatives from foreign institutions recognised the business cooperation and development achievements of both parties over the years. Xia Bo, Vice President of TÜV Rheinland Greater China, and Takashi Kawakami, representative of JQA Japan, discussed future cooperation areas and interacted with participants of the Certification Centre in person. Mr. Curi, representative of IRAM Argentina, expressed appreciation and support for the cooperation between the two parties through a video link. During the meeting, technical experts from the three parties carried out pertinent training on factory inspection and new certification practices, while engaging with the participants in technical discussions.


CQC actively implements the national requirement of "encouraging domestic organisations to strengthen cooperation with internationa lcounter parts",carries out international factory inspection business cooperation with a number of overseas organisations, and regularly conducts international exchangetraining, which has achieved fruitful results.


Following the meeting, Liu Jiang visited the staff of the Fuzhou sub-branch of the CQC. He expressed his hope that the Fuzhou sub-branch would expand its talent base, improve the cultivation and exchange of outstanding reserve personnel, focus on developing high-cost market-oriented projects, enhance its core competitiveness and push its future development beyond its comfort zone.

During this time, Liu Jiang and his team conducted research and gained insights into the capabilities and qualifications of the Fujian Product Quality Inspection Institute through a field visit. He expressed his hope that both parties could continue to innovate the mode of cooperation, build on the existing foundation, and establish a win-win cooperation mechanism for the future.

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