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Safety accessories

Safety accessories

Safety accessories - Product certification

  • China Compulsory Certification (CCC Certification)


China Compulsory Certification (CCC) system, is a legal framework widely adopted to protect consumer rights and ensure the safety of consumers' lives and property. CQC is the largest CCC certification body for automotive products in China.

Product scope of CCC certification

Motorcycle Rider Helmets

Brake Linings for Automobiles

Child Restraint Systems for Motor Vehicle Passengers

Building Safety Glass

Motor Vehicle Tires

The product scope for specified laboratory type testing and self-declaration certification mode includes:

Automotive Safety Glass

Automotive Safety Belts

Motor Vehicle Exterior Lighting and Light Signaling Devices

Motor Vehicle Indirect Vision Devices

Automotive Seats and Headrests

  • CQC Mark certification


It is a voluntary product certification program conducted by CQC. CQC Mark Certification focuses on safety, quality, performance, and the limitation of hazardous substances. These indicators directly reflect the product quality and its impact on consumer safety and property


product name

Automotive Components

Automotive Brake Hoses, Automotive V-Belts, Automotive Seats and Headrests, Automotive Steering Wheels, Automotive Door Locks and Door Retainers, Engines, Motorcycle Engines, Common Gas Springs for Automotive Use, Automotive Lamps and Light Source Reflectors, Automotive Rearview Mirrors, Automotive Horns, Windscreen Wipers and Washers for Vehicles, Interior Materials, Wheels for Vehicles, Automotive Fuel Tanks, Steering Locks with Ignition Switch, Automotive Alternators, Automotive Starter Motors, Automotive Starter Lead-Acid Batteries, Automotive Exhaust Silencers, Warning Triangles, Automotive Air Conditioning Systems

Brakes, Brake Master Cylinders, Shock Absorbers, Automotive Plugs and Sockets, Automotive Universal Joint Cross Assemblies, Automotive Wheel Bearing Units, Automotive Constant Velocity Joints and Assemblies, Automotive Exterior Lighting and Light Signaling Devices, Vehicle Power Batteries, Electric Road Vehicles and Components (ESA), Passenger Car Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, Automotive Speedometers and Odometers, Automotive Seat Belts

Motorcycle Components

Piston Rings, Magneto Motors, Starter Motors, Wheels, Brakes, Shock Absorbers, Control Cables, Steering Anti-Theft Devices, Batteries, Motorcycle, Rearview Mirrors, Speedometers, Voltage Regulators, Motorcycle Exterior Lighting and Light Signaling Devices, Ignition Coils, Ignition Systems

Tire Products

Inflatable tire inside tire, tire valve nozzle / core

Automotive aftermarket products

Aftermarket Bumper Skins and Accessories for Automobiles, Aftermarket External Lighting and Signal Devices for Automobiles

Glass Products

Anti-Reflection Film Glass for Solar Photovoltaic Modules, Automotive Safety Glass

Bicycle Components

Lighting and Reflective Devices for Bicycles, Flame Retardant Performance of Decorative Materials for Electric Bicycles

Non-metallic Materials and Component Performance Certification

Non-Metallic Material Certification for Electric Bicycles

BeiDou Vehicle Internet

BeiDou Satellite Navigation Chip/Module, BeiDou Satellite Navigation Terminal

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle components

Performance Level Certification for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engines, Hydrogen Refueling Port Certification for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, Safety Certification for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engines, Certification for Fuel Cell Stacks in Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles


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