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CQC Held a Seminar on the CCC Requirements for Lithium-ion Batteries

In a bid to help businesses understand and apply CCC conversion-related policies, and solve practical challenges, CQC held seminars on CCC requirements for lithium-ion batteries, battery packs, and power banks on July 10 and 12 in Dongguan City and Suzhou City, respectively. Over 800 representatives from market supervision departments, businesses, and testing bodies attended the events. Liu Jiang, Deputy Managing Director of CQC, was present at the meeting and delivered a keynote speech.


In his speech, titled ''Focusing on Lithium Quality, Embracing the World with Confidence'', Liu Jiang explained the significance and necessity of CCC certification for lithium batteries and mobile power supplies. He also highlighted the mission of CQC as a 'national brand' quality service organization. Leaders from Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, and Suzhou City's Market Supervision Bureaus presented an overview of the lithium battery industry in their respective regions and outlined the main points for subsequent market supervision.


Officials from the CQC’s product certification department along with other relevant personnel provided a detailed explanation of the CCC certification policies and requirements for lithium batteries and power banks, the acceptance principles for conformity assessment results, and the implementation standards. Questions from enterprises were addressed during the session.

Representatives from Guangzhou and Nanjing branches shed light on their specific strategies in managing compulsory product certification. Starting from August 1, 2023, lithium-ion batteries, battery packs, and mobile power products will be included in the compulsory product certification management.

During the meeting, critical industry subjects were widely publicized and addressed, leading to the resolution of businesses' pressing challenges. It ensured the successful implementation of CCC product certification, while also effectively enhancing the industry's quality standards and risk awareness. As a 'state-owned brand' third-party certification body, the CQC is committed to anchoring the fundamental task of quality development, bolstering their service levels, and offering more superior services and robust technical support for industry and enterprise growth."

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