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CQC Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with JD Group

On May 22, 2023, the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement between CQC (CQC) and JD Group was held in Beijing. The agreement was signed by representatives from both parties in the presence of Xie Zhaoxu, Director of CQC, and Feng Quanpu, Vice President of JD Group. Building upon their existing collaboration, the two parties will embark on a new round of comprehensive strategic cooperation. The signing ceremony was presided over by Xu Shaoshan, Member of the Party Committee and Vice Director of CQC.


During the meeting, Xie Zhaoxu briefly introduced the development and future strategy of CQC. He emphasized that JD Group and CQC have been important partners for many years. In the future, both parties will leverage their respective strengths to create more high-quality projects and benchmark cases, and to implement the strategmatchic cooperation agreement.


Feng Quanpu presented the development of JD Group and expressed full confidence in the future cooperation between the two parties. He statedthat JD Group, as a new type of entity enterprise, is involved in nine sectors, including retail, logistics, technology, and its own brands. He hopesto collaborate comprehensively with CQC in the construction of a quality ecosystem, injecting new quality dynamics into development.match

????According to the agreement, both parties will leverage their respective strengths and focus on implementing national strategies such as building a strong quality country, rural revitalization, and expanding domestic demand. They will engage in practical cooperation in areas such as pre-packaged meals, travel equipment, home appliances and furnishings, life services, enterprise services, green logistics, and quality supply chains; in the meanwhile, the two sides will create a new model of e-commerce quality empowerment under "JD-CQC," setting new quality benchmarks for the e-commerce industry and serving the high-quality development of governments, industry clusters, and supplier enterprises at all levels.

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