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CQC Jointly Hosted the UAV Testing and Certification Exchange Conference

On April 27, 2023, the UAV Testing and Certification Exchange Conference, organized by the China UAV Industry Innovation Alliance and the Chinese Society of Optical Engineering, and jointly hosted by CQC, was successfully held. This conference was among the key forums of the 2023 International UAV Application and Control Conference. Over 100 leaders, experts, and representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Center, Aviation Industry Research Institute, Spanish local governments, EU-designated UAV agencies, and domestic related enterprises attended the event. Liu Jiang, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of CQC, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Liu Jiang emphasized that UAV technology and the industry are rapidly developing, gradually becoming one of the nation's strategically supported emerging fields. Quality testing and certification, as vital tools for industry standards and regulation, can promote the quality, safety, and improvement of UAV products, contributing to the sound development of China's UAV industry.

Through the UAV Testing and Certification Exchange Conference, Liu Jiang expressed hope to strengthen comprehensive cooperation and communication between CQC and government agencies, manufacturers, users, and other stakeholders to collectively explore UAV testing and certification standards and processes. This cooperation and communication would inject new vitality and momentum into the industry's development.

During the conference, panelists delivered insightful presentations on various topics, including the management and development of domestic and international UAV industries, UAV product design, agricultural applications, testing and certification technologies, and regulatory standards. Representatives from Product Certification Division III of CQC provided an introduction to CQC certification for civil light and small UAVs.

Representatives from the International Cooperation Department and Product Certification Division III of CQC attended the conference. Additionally, CQC conducted a live streaming session to introduce the highlights of the UAV industry exhibition and exchange conference to CCIC Europe Testing Co., Ltd. The live streaming showcased the whole UAV system and related emergency intelligent equipment.

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