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CQC Participated in China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum 2023

On March 31st, China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum 2023 was held in Beijing. Xie Zhaoxu, party secretary and director of CQC, and Liu Jiang, party committee member and deputy director of CQC, were invited to attend the event.

Xie Zhaoxu delivered a speech on the theme of "Testing and Certification Boosts the High-quality Development of Automobile Industry". He said that China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum is an authoritative third-party think tank in the field of electric vehicles, and CQC is a national authoritative certification body; both sides are very concerned about the safety of electric vehicles, and at the end of 2019, CQC and China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum jointly created the "Chain Upgrading Plan: the Quality and Safety Improvement Plan of Smart Electric Vehicle Supply Chain", aiming at jointly calling on industry organizations, testing and certification institutions and leading enterprises to unitedly promote the standardization of parts and components and help the cultivation of domestic chip giants. In the meanwhile he noted that all relevant industry organizations are welcome to join the "chain-upgrading" project, and to work with the whole industry to contribute to the high-quality development of China's automobile industry. Xie Zhaoxu also attended the launching ceremony of "High Quality Charging Action-Shining 100 Stations Plan" and awarded licenses to related enterprises.

Liu Jiang attended the exclusive seminar on the scenario and policy of China's automobile industry & the "China EV 100" Council and delivered a speech. He said that CQC has carried out a lot of work in the fields of renewable energy and intelligent connected vehicles, and has also made some achievements. For example, relying on the national key research and development plan, it has accumulated some fruitful research and practical experience in various fields, and has successively carried out various automatic driving technical services, while assisting enterprises to provide related "package" technical solutions in the field of transportation. In the future, CQC will continue to provide efficient and high-quality testing and certification services for the automobile industry, improve the quality and safety level of the industry and reduce costs, so as to contribute to solving the "stranglehold" problem in China's automobile supply chain in the future, and help to realize the goal of becoming a powerful automobile country at an early date.

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