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The Inaugural Meeting of the "Santong" Product Standardization Technical Committee was held in CQC

On April 10, 2023, the inaugural meeting of "Santong" (Chinese words for “three sames”: same production line, same standard and same quality) Product Standardization Technical Committee (TC17) of China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA) was held in Beijing. CQC, as the secretariat of TC17, organized this meeting. Wang Xin, president of CIQA, Xie Zhaoxu, party secretary and director of CQC, and Zhao Zheng, director of Certification Department of State Administration for Market Regulation attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Guo Lisheng, senior consultant of CIQA, heads of six chairmen and vice-chairmen of CIQA/TC17, and representatives of 64 members, 64 technical experts and other 100 people were invited to attend the meeting.

At the meeting, Duan Xiaohong, vice president and secretary general of CIQA read out the approval document of the establishment of "Santong" Product Standardization Technical Committee. CIQA granded the license to CIQA/TC17 Secretariat, and issued certificates to the chief consultant, chairman, vice chairman, secretary general and deputy secretary general.

Xie Zhaoxu said that CQC will gather the technical forces of various industries, continuously strengthen the research and application of "Santong" product standardization technology, and formulate high-quality and innovative group standards through the path of connecting Chinese standards with international standards, benchmarking Chinese standards against the most advanced international standards and becoming international standards.

Zhao Zheng stated that the positioning of "Santong" products should take national high-quality products as the starting point and guide enterprises to develop in the pattern of high-quality . Certification, as an important means to implement standards, is significant to promote the work of "Santong". It is necessary to provide strong support for the "Santong" work with accurate identification of the international and domestic market demand, and standardization of the "Santong" product work.

Wang Xin noted that the "Santong" Product Standardization Technical Committee should give full play to its professional functions, actively contact enterprises, social organizations and experts to participate in the standard work, focus on the core performance indicators that consumers care about, benchmark international advanced standards, and standardize the development of "Santong" product group standards.

During the meeting, an evaluation meeting on the "Santong" product standards was held, and the technical requirements of refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners proposed by the Secretariat were evaluated. The expert group extensively demonstrated and questioned the necessity and feasibility of establishing the group standard.  

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