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CQC Co-hosted the Standard Publicity Training with Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps

CQC Co-hosted the Standard Publicity Training with Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps

On February 10, 2023, the Modern Service Industry Evaluation Center of CQC co-hosted the publicity and implementation training of Shanghai local standard DB31/T 1380-2022 "Quality Management Requirements of Social Fire Technical Service Institutions" with Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps. The event was carried out online by webcast, facing to more than 430 fire technical service institutions, more than 2,100 key fire safety units in Shanghai, and more than 300 fire supervisors from Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps and various detachments.  

Tan Xun, chief engineer of the Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps, said that the implementation of this standard has three important purposes: the first is to meet the urgent need to implement laws and regulations and strengthen fire supervision and management; the second is to fill the gap of technical service standards and promote the realistic needs of the transformation of industry governance model; the third is to guide the multi-governance in the field of fire protection and promote the market demand for high-quality development. Experts from Modern Service Industry Evaluation Center introduced the main contents of the standard and quality evaluation tools in detail. At present, the standard has been officially implemented on February 1, 2023, and the Modern Service Industry Evaluation Center is one of the editor-in-chief units.

Carrying out this publicity and training is of great significance for improving the quality awareness of fire technical service employees, improving the quality of fire technical service, promoting the modernization of quality management, building a quality society for co-governance, and promoting the high-quality development of fire safety industry.

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