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New Quality Chapter: CQC and Xinhua Net Signed the Cooperation Agreement
Public Time:2021-07-12 Origin:中国质量认证中心


On July 8, 2021, China Quality Certification Center and Xinhua Net signed a cooperation agreement. Tian Shubin, Chairman and President of Xinhua, and Xie Zhao Xu, Managing Director of CQC, attended the signing ceremony and presented speeches. Shen Jiangying, Director and Vice President of Xinhua Net, and Mr. Qi Shuang, Deputy Managing Director of CQC, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.


Xie Zhaoxu firstly made an introduction on aspects like organization structure, technical strength and business fields. He expressed that the signing of this agreement not only constitutes a continuation of the sound cooperation between two sides, but also a new starting point for deeper and broader cooperation. Its hoped that both sides will give full play to their respective strengths, promote the early transformation of the consensus on cooperation into practical results, and join hands together to create a new chapter of win-win cooperation and common development.


Tian Shubin delivered a warm welcome to Xie Zhaoxu and his delegation, fully affirming the experience of previous exchanges and the solid foundation for cooperation. Tian spoke highly of this cooperation launched through signing between China Quality Certification Center and Xinhua Net, saying that it is timely and of great significance. Its hoped that both sides can leverage the advantages of each platform to promote deeper and broader cooperation in fields like quality, certification, standardization construction, dissemination of credible brand, and quality development of regional digital economy, thus foster a better brand to build a stronger nation, contributing more to the quality development of Chinese economy.

According to the agreement, guided by the principle of complementing strength, sharing resources, seeking practical and win-win cooperation,   the two sides will deepen cooperation in fields like summit forums, think tank resources, project cooperation and brand building to work for the strategy of strengthening the country by better quality and the goal of advancing social-economic development of China.

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