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Secure Resumption of Work and Production: CQC Guangzhou Conduct Charging Facility Safety Inspection in Liwan
Public Time:2021-07-08 Origin:中国质量认证中心

After 21 days of lockdown in Fangcun District, Liwan, Guangzhou, the operation of Liwan got back to normal gradually. In order to support the functional operation of EV charging facilities in Liwan District to resume work smoothly and ensure the safety of charging facilities during the celebration of the centenary of the founding of the CPC, CQC Guangzhou assisted Liwan District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology to carry out safety inspection of charging facilities.


CQC Guangzhou inspected the safety of charging facilities and fire-fighting equipment in six charging stations, so as to prevent production safety accidents from the source and ensure the safe operation of charging facilities. For the potential safety hazards existing in charging stations, the inspection team put forward rectification requirements and solutions, requiring enterprises to carry out corrective measures in time.


Through this safety inspection, the safety awareness of enterprises has been enhanced, and the potential safety hazards have been comprehensively inspected to ensure the safe production in the future.

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