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CQC Convened 2020 Annual Work Report Conference
Public Time:2021-01-18 Origin:中国质量认证中心

On January 13 and14, 2021, CQC held the 2020 Work Report and Employee Awarding Conference in Beijing. Nearly 50 members of the party committee, managers from various departments and CQC branches attended the meeting.


At the meeting, managers from various departments and branches respectively made the annual work reports, and each party secretary reported the party construction work. The content of the report covered comprehensive tasks implemented by various departments in the unusual 2020 against the backdrop of the work deployment of CCIC and the instruction of SASAC, including the active and effective response against the epidemic, the promotion of business in the face of challenges, innovation and reform of management and party construction.


After listening to the report on party construction in 2020, Mdm. Lu Mei made in-depth comments on each branch and gave credit to the achievements of each branch in party building on behalf of the Party Committee of CQC. She started by studying and implementing the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, combining the requirements of the SASAC's 2021 party building work and the actual situation of CQC to give party lectures to more than 30 party members.



At the meeting, the Party Committee of the CQC commended more than 70 outstanding Communist Party members and advanced individuals in fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, and issued letters of appointment to representatives of technical positions at level-3 and above.

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