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CQC Guangzhou Co-organized the Training on Climate Change
Public Time:2021-01-14 Origin:中国质量认证中心

Recently, entrusted by the Office of Climate Change Exchange and Cooperation of the Department of Ecology and Environment of Guangdong Province, CQC Guangzhou and the Guangzhou Carbon Emissions Exchange jointly held a training on climate change in Guangdong Province. The head of the Climate Change Exchange and Cooperation Office of Guangdong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment made a keynote speech. Representatives of various ecological and environmental bureaus, industry associations, technical institutions and key enterprises in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou participated.


The training invited a number of senior experts to give lectures, covering national and local carbon peaking action ideas, carbon neutral pathways in domestic and foreign cities, research on Chengdu low-carbon development pathways, and the health, economy and employment impact analysis by climate change. At the same time, the lecturer group members of the National Carbon Market Capacity Building (Guangdong) Center were invited to systematically introduce the relevant work of the Guangdong National Low-Carbon Province Pilot.

Over the years, CQC Guangzhou has actively participated in climate change-related work, and has assisted the competent departments to carry out multi-level capacity building activities. In the future, CQC Guangzhou will continue to remain committed to helping Guangdong Province and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to spur ahead the green and low-carbon development.

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