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CQC hosted the seminar on "Management Measures for Certified Personnel"
Public Time:2021-01-08 Origin:中国质量认证中心

Recently, CQC held two seminars on "Management Measures for Certified Personnel" (draft for comments) in Nanjing and Guangzhou respectively. Pan Lifen, Deputy Director of the Certification Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation, and Zhao Zheng, official of the Personnel Certification Division, attended the meeting, Deputy Director of CQC Zeng Guangfeng presided over the meeting.


According to the requirements of the SAMR, the Certification Department entrusted CQC to carry out the "Research on the Management System of Certified Personnel" and organize the compiling and the revision of the "Measures for the Management of Personnel for Certification, Certification Training and Consulting ". After in-depth analysis and research, CQC has finished the draft of "Management Measures for Certified Personnel (Draft for Comments)".

Experts from the project team of CQC gave a detailed introduction on the content of the "Measures". In addition, the necessity for the revision of the "Measures" and the overall framework were also illustrated; the participants gave full credit to the revision of the "Measures" by CQC project team and the phased results achieved. The audience also extensively listened to certification bodies' expectations and demands for the reform of the certification personnel management system, as well as specific opinions and suggestions on the content of the "Measures".


Zeng Guangfeng emphasized that certification personnel are the foundation and the core of certification industry, the capacity building of certification personnel is an important strategic task for the development of certification bodies. He said that CQC will continue to leverage its advantages and cooperate with the Certification Department to complete the follow-up work of the Management Measures. At the same time, CQC will also establish the necessary supporting legal and regulatory document system framework to support the relevant requirements of certification personnel management, providing the high-quality technical services for the transformation and development of the certification personnel management system.

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