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General Application Guide for Product Certification

This guide applies to activities related to product certification for general industrial products (excluding organic, GAP and international products).    

At present, China Quality Certification Center accept product certification applications by the online way. When applying for certification for the first time, you need to register as a registered user in the “Product Certification Login” on the website (www.cqc.com.cn). When you register, you will need to fill in the user information in detail, which will simplify the information you fill in when you apply again later, and log in to your account and view the user-specific instructions in the user interface. When applying, you can fill out the application according to the circumstances of the application:

1.Applicants can choose Chinese certificate or Chinese + English certificate, you need to fill out the application in the correct simplified Chinese or English. The applicant is required to accurately translate the relevant content, when domestic applicants need certificate in English and overseas applicants need Chinese certification certificate.

2.Applicants who apply for CCC+CB or CQC+CB certification at the same time may submit two applications at the same time by selecting CCC+CB or CQC+CB on the CQC network. When applying for CB, please pay attention to fill in the translation of accurate English information.

3.Please carefully read the division unit principles and guidelines for each type of product to ensure that when applying for multiple model specifications in one application, these models are the same application unit.

4.In an application for a model specification product with multiple trademarks or multiple model specifications with multiple trademarks, care should be taken to ensure that these trademarks are registered or authorized by the trademark holder.

5.For composite products with cross-product category capabilities, applicants can submit a certification application only once, and CQC can issue a certification certificate that covers multiple categories of functionality. When applying for certification of such products, please accurately identify the different functions of the product and the applicable certification rules. It is recommended to submit a certification application for the product's main function, and note that all other functions to be applied for certification are intended to facilitate the certification engineer to make accurate arrangements.

6.Change application is on the basis of certification, the content of the certified application to change, so fill in the application form should fill in the original certificate number, need to issue a new certificate, should return the original certificate.

7.Derived product application: derived products and verified products for the same series, the same safety unit of the product. When filling out an application, it is important to note that it is important to fill in the differences with the original product in the comments box, which can help determine whether a sample needs to be sent for a type test.

Fill in the application information of the applicant, manufacturer, factory name should fill in the legal person name, should not fill in the personal name.

If you have any questions, please consult customer service staff or certified engineers, product certification customer service phone: 010-83886666.

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