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The Right and Obligation for CQC Certification Applicant and the Enterprise
Public Time:2009-12-11

1. Scope

This document applies to CQC certification applicant and the enterprise which is a certificate holder.

2. The right for certification applicant and the enterprise which is a certificate holder

2.1 Have right to choose the certification body;

2.2 Have right to appeal/sue/dispute;

2.3Have right to ask the certification body and the testing laboratory to keep secret;

2.4 Have right to use the certificate and the certification mark by the regulations after certified;

2.5 Have right to confirm the certification plan and put forward questions with reason;

2.6Have right to choose the testing laboratory designated by certification body when apply for CQC Mark certification;

3. The obligation for certification applicant and the enterprise which is a certificate holder

3.1 To ensure that the quality of the certified products meets the requirement of relevant standards and certification regulations, and ensure not to transfer the responsibility of the product quality to CQC or the testing laboratory and its personnel;

3.2 To arrange for the certification, surveillance, appeal and sue, which includes checking document, testing the product, entering the all the area involved in the certification, inspecting relevant note and visiting relevant persons;

3.3 To stop using the certificate and the certification mark immediately when it is suspended, withdrawn or canceled.  Simultaneously, stop advertising the relevant certification content, and transact the suspension, withdrawal or cancellation according to CQC regulations; 

3.4 Not to use or partly use the certification testing report, factory inspection report, the certificate and the certification mark in a misguiding way;

3.5 Having got the CCC certification, the enterprise should go to CCC Certification Mark Granting and Administration Centre to transact the certificate according to the “Regulations for CCC Certification Mark” by CNCA.

3.6 To submit the use scheme (used on product, propaganda datum, advertisement, etc.) of certification mark according to the requirements to CQC after certified;

3.7 To publicize the certification result within the certificate scope, do not harm the prestige of CQC;

3.8 To submit the significant modification of certified product, factory and environment to CQC immediately;

3.9 To support CQC to inspect its suing note, and submit the important complaint to CQC;  

3.10 To take proper actions and note it for the complaint and any defects found in the product or service which may influence the certification requirement;

3.11 To pay the certification fee on time;

3.12 To abide the rules and laws and the relevant regulations of CQC.

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