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Benefits from CQC furniture product certification
Public Time:2006-12-07

CQC furniture product certification grants to the enterprise the use of relevant certification mark to the product. The mark, which may prove the enterprise’s ability of producing green furniture——“green designing, green producing, green packing, and green operating”, will bring the enterprise the benefits as follows:

l         The certificates have high golden content, and are synchronous with international certification

The CQC furniture product certification is fully considering the Human body’s health and comfort. The China quality environmental certification sets higher limit to the harmful material in testing standard, fully considering the elements of ergonomics. Technical requirement is synchronous with that of international certification; maximally increase the golden content of the certificates.

l         Matching with the national latest compulsory standard “Using explanation for consumable goods Part 6: Furniture”.

CQC furniture product certification grants to the enterprise the use of mark to the instructions. It will help to build up the green visualization of the enterprise in customers hearts, enhancing the customer’s feel of trust and identity of the enterprise.

l         Setting up a green brand, increasing the product competitiveness in the market;

Getting the CQC furniture products certification means that the products have good environmental protection function. The certificates could increase the product competitiveness in the market, obtain the green pass of enter the market, increase market share, and contribute to enterprises realizing the unity of economic benefits, social benefits and the environment benefits.

l         Reducing the product cost

The CQC furniture product certification encourages the enterprises to developing and producing environmental products, by reasonably using the resources, reducing the waste, and cycling use. This measure could heavily reducing product cost, and also reducing the product risk of the enterprise.

l         Implementing sustainable development of enterprise

The CQC furniture product certification expresses enterprise’s long-term commitment of improving the environment quality. This conforms to the national stratagem of sustainable development, in favor of enterprises fine development.

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