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The general application guide to CQC mark certification
Public Time:2006-12-01
This general application guide to CQC mark certification is for applicants to apply CQC mark certification conveniently and effectively to China Quality Certification Centre.
1. Submission of new application
China Quality Certification Centre accepts the application of CQC mark certification online or with a written form (mainly online); online application (for the first time) needs to log in www.cqc.com.cn to register. The information needs to be filled in detail, so that the re-application could be simplified. After the register, it will automatically provide the public document, application guide and other information that applicant needs online. 
1.1Filling in the requisition according to the application conditions:
1.1.1 There are Chinese and English editions with CQC Mark Certification according to needs, so the requisition needs to be filled in with correct simplified Chinese and English. If the internal applicant needs English certificate or the foreign applicant needs Chinese certificate, the relevant content needs to be translated accurately.
1.1.2 If applicant applies certification of CCC+CB or CQC+CB at the same time, it just needs to choose CCC+CB or CQC+CB on CQC website. While applying CB, it should pay more attention to fill in with the accurate English information.
1.1.3 Read the requirement and guide for the division of the product applicant unit carefully for all kinds of products to ensure that when applying for multi-type specs in one application, these specs are in the same unit.  
1.1.4 If one specs product has several brands or several specs have several brands in an application, these brands should be registered or be authorized by the possessor.
1.1.5 While applying for multi-function product, the product type should be confirmed according to the main function testing standards of the product.
1.1.6 Initial application: Since the factory inspection is needed in initial application, chooses the “first application” while filling in the requisition, and indicates the “initial factory inspection” request and the factory inspection time in the remark column.
1.1.7 Re-application: The factory inspection is not needed in re-application, so choose the “re-application” while filling in the requisition, and fill with the relevant serial in factory number column.
1.1.8 Alteration application: it is on the basis of having got the certificate, so fill with the serial of the original certificate while filling in the requisition, and return the original certificate when get the new certificate.
1.1.9 Derivative product application: The derivative product and the certified product belong to the same catena and the same safety unit. It is especially important to fill with the difference between the original product and the derivative in remark column, and it is helpful to judge whether the sample or model test is needed.
It should be filled with the name of a legal person, not a personal name of the applicant, manufacturer and factory.
If the CCC application is in a written form, China Quality Certification Centre will copy the relevant application information (manufacturer and product) to CQC website, and inform the applicant about the user name and code. Then they will change the electronic edition public document, application guide and other data into the written form, and inform the applicant about it by fax or other media. The applicant should also pay attention to the above matter while filling in the CCC written requisition.
2. Acceptance of a new application
2.1 The application will be accepted by a relevant certification engineer according to the product sort, and the application will be endowed with a unique application serial, which means CQC has accepted the application in due form. Before the application, the applicant should promptly and frequently enter the website to inquire about the application code, so as to see the whole information and course of the application. Having accepted the written requisition, the certification engineer will inform the applicant about the serial. If the new application has got the unique number, the certification engineer will send the “product assess activity plan” to the applicant as a register online, which contains the procedure that start from submitting the application to getting the certificate:
2.1.1 Information needed for certification (applicant, manufacturer, product, etc.);
2.1.2 Type and quantity of the testing sample and the testing labs for certification;
2.1.3 The implementation of the data inspection and the working time division by the certification body.  
2.1.4 The pursuant standards and the estimated testing cycle of sampling test. 
2.1.5 Arrange the time for initial inspection, people and time needed in initial inspection based on the factory scale.   
2.1.6 The evaluation of sampling test report and the time of issuing certificate.
2.1.7 Estimate the certification expense: application fee, qpproval and register fee, testing fee (includes the entire machine testing, the stochastic security spare part testing) and factory inspection fee
2.2 When put in the technical data and sample according to the “product assess activity plan”, applicant should pay attention to the following points:
2.2.1 When applies for multi-type specs, the difference explanation of all kinds of specs is needed. The sample should be provided with the representative type, which covered all the specs to avoid type repetition;
2.2.2 When it needs to test the entire machine and the spare part stochastically, besides the entire machine, the spare part technical information and the samples are also needed;
2.2.3 Provide the difference explanation on production specs between derivative product application and the original machine in derivative application, and provide the testing data if necessary.
2.2.4 The foreign factory should fill in the “unconventionality factory inspection table” when the initial inspection is needed, and provide the product description. After the product description has been confirmed by the testing laboratory, the inspection can be implemented on type testing stage.
2.2.5The modification requisition should be posted back together with the original certificate and the modification application.
Check and accept the sample machine in laboratory. If the sample passes through the testing, the applicant should ask for the “return receipt of qualified sample” to check whether the test cycle has been exceeded. If not, the testing laboratory will send “the problem report of the sample” to the applicant. After rectifying, the applicant submits the complementary sample over again. If it is qualified, the testing laboratory will send the “return receipt of qualified sample”.
The certification engineers receive the application information, assign the tasks to the lab if the application material is qualified and the sample has been sent to the appointed lab. Then the testing cycle of the sample comes to be counted down. If there is unqualified item which is changeable in the sample testing, the lab will fill out the “ product test alteration notice”, describe the unqualified item, confirm the time limit for modification, and send the “product modification feedback table” to the applicant, which will be implemented and filled by applicant and returned to the testing laboratory. The lab will check and confirm the modification sample, relevant document and the “product modification feedback table”, and retest the original unqualified item and the relevant item. After the retesting, the testing laboratory will continue the inspection. Only if all the unqualified items have been modified, the testing cycle may be counted down again.
Applicant should land on www.cqc.com.cn on time to get the information and course of application, and should also cooperate with the certification engineer, submit the certification information and samples on time and contact with the engineer if come across any trouble in application.
If the application is in a written form, the engineer will also change the above information into paper form and inform it to applicant by fax or other media.  
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