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Notice on Modifying Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification Rules for Arc Welding Equipment

To those related companies,

China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) has modified CQC15-442411-2011 Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification Rules for Arc Welding Equipment, replace GB15579.10-2008 by GB/T15579.10-2008. The details are as follows.

1. The application should be apply by the new standard from now on. CQC will only issue the certificate with new standard.

2. Certificate with the old standard may be replaced by a certificate with a new standard code at the expiration of the certificate or at the time of the change of the certificate.

3.The application for this product has been accepted by CQC Product Certification Department 4, you can submit the application by CQC website. If you have any questions, please contact with Product Certification Department 4.  

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                              China Quality Certification Center

                                      Jan. 30th, 2018