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CE Certification in Brief

CE Mark or CE Marking as the chart is a special product mark and safety mark of the European Union (EU).  The products involving in the New Approach Directives or any prescription shall stick CE Mark before being put in the European Union market; and whether the products from countries outside European Union or the member countries of European Union shall stick CE Mark for free movement in the European Union market.  It is a compulsory requirement of European Union law for the relevant products; therefore the CE Mark is also called the "passport "for the products entering European market.


As the biggest national certification body, we not only assist enterprises to improve their product's quality in safety, performance and environmental protection to enhance the international competition of the products but also research the product certification system of foreign country to help enterprises to meet the various technical barriers of trade, and provide international certification services for export products to enter international market more convenience and rapidly.  Therefore, CQC expands CE Mark certification service, and which saving time of taking samples and testing, reducing test fees to develop export trade for domestic enterprises.


The enterprises may obtain two or three kinds of certificates of domestic and international by one time testing result from CQC; that is the enterprises or clients may obtain CE Certificate based on the test result of internal certification such as CCC Certification, CQC Mark Certification or CB Certification with which can be changed to the test reports of EN/IEC standards for the export products to get rapidly the passport into EU market.