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Impartiality Statement

1  China Quality Certification Center (short for CQC) is independent the third-party certification body, and CQC fully understanding the importance of impartiality, the general certification objective of CQC is to ensure all related parties trust and meet the certification rules and work in a reliable, independent, non-discriminatory, and transparent manner.

2  China Quality Certification Center (short for CQC) abides by Accreditation and Certification Ordinance of People's Republic of China and other concerned laws, to ensure all related parties trust and meet the certification rules.

3  CQC provides service to eligible applicants, without additional financial or other requirements. CQC should not handle the certificate business discriminatorily, including speedup or postpone applications intentionally.

4  CQC has the Management Commitment on high level of the organization. The Management Commitment made up of delegates on certification concerned parties, including delegates from government, manufacturer, consumer, professor, or certification body, the interests of all parties are balance, and none of them can dominate others. 

5  CQC will unswervingly carry out and perform the commitment to certification activities and impartiality. CQC has identified, analyzed and confirmed for the possibility of interests of conflict (which may includs Self-interest threats, Self-review threats, Familiarity of trust threats, Intimidation threats, etc.) arise in certificate course, and to ensure the impartiality. CQC will make decisions according to the conformity (or unconformity) documents, and ensure the certification activities will not affect by concerned parties or other factors.

6  CQC ensures the independence and impartiality in policy formulation, evaluation and certification decisions.

7  CQC should ensure that the personnel involved in certificate course are under any business, financial or other pressures that would affect certification process and conclusions.

8 CQC will not participate in any kinds of activities that endanger the impartiality and objectivity of certification.

9 CQC has perfect policies and procedures to accept and handle complains, appeals and disputes from the clients or other issues concerning certification, and to accept and cooperate the surveillance of the concerned party from the society.


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